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5 Tips for Picking Your Wedding’s Point Person

Every wedding needs an amazing point person. Here are a few tips for finding the right (wo)man for the job.

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You are the captain of your wedding planning squad, but there will be times when you’ll need to step aside and get some R&R or focus on a particular task. So, who takes care of business during the times that you and your S.O. are MIA? Your point person. This could be your MOH, your mother or even a close friend. No, you don’t need to interview your inner circle to find the right (wo)man for the job, but you’ll need to be mindful of a few things.

Here are a few tips for picking your wedding point person.

They should be a social butterfly

If your BFF is a bit of an introvert, they may not be the one for the job. Your point person has to be comfortable conversing with your venue coordinator, your grandmother and everyone in between over the next few months, so they should have some serious social skills. From in-person meetings to quick email convos, this guy or gal should be willing and able to handle it all.

They should know you well

You really have to be comfortable with this person taking care of business when you can’t be present, so choose wisely. This lad or lady should be well acquainted with your tastes or at least have very similar ones (this will ensure that things are done to your standards). They should be able to channel you when doing deeds like making last-minute seating plan changes or helping out with a catering emergency.

They shouldn’t have a chaotic schedule

If your first choice for point person is the CEO of a company that typically works 60+ hour weeks, you may want to rethink some things. While it’s fine for your right hand (wo)man to be tied up in their own work and day-to-day activities, they should be willing to dedicate a bit of time and TLC to your wedding - you don’t want them to burn out before the bridal shower.

They should be uber-organized

Keep an eye out for a friend who keeps all of their files in order, never misses a credit card payment and keeps their apartment in pristine condition (even when they’re under the weather) - this is the ideal candidate for your wedding point person. If they can keep their own life in amazing order, they should have no problem when it comes to your big day.

They should be a problem solver

You don’t want your point person to freak out if something goes awry, so make sure you pick someone who’s calm, cool and collected in high-pressure situations. You don’t want them to be so chill that they let things fly under the radar, but they shouldn’t be on the brink of a breakdown if the weather acts up or a wedding centerpiece vessel gets broken.

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