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25 Signs You’re Ready to Get Engaged

So, you think you’re ready to tie the knot with your S.O.? After reading this you will know for sure.

So you think you’ve found “the one”. There’s a good chance you have! But are you ready to get engaged? Before you put a down payment on an engagement ring, there are a few boxes you should check. If you read through this list nodding your head, you know you’re ready to get engaged and plan your trip to the wedding altar.

Here are a few signs you’re ready to get engaged.

  • You can’t imagine your life without them
  • You’re not an “I”’re a “we”
  • You spend so much time together that you’re practically roommates (or you already are)
  • You’ve talked about babies and baby names on more than one occasion
  • You’re dying to take your partner’s last name
  • You’re never bored with them by your side
  • They make chores and mundane activities fun, to the point where you want to do laundry with them everyday
  • You’ve seen them at their very best, and their very worst...and you love both
  • Your mom spends more time on the phone with your partner than she does with you
  • You have their day-to-day schedule etched into your memory
  • You call them before you say “yes” to any plans - be it a night out with their pals or a trip to Bora Bora
  • They’re the first person you call whenever you have any big (or small) news
  • You never watch an episode of their favourite show without them (or you tell a white lie and watch it twice)
  • If you don’t know them already, you could probably guess all their passwords
  • You know how to push their buttons...and when you’ve crossed the line
  • You know exactly what they’re thinking just by watching their expressions
  • You wouldn’t dream of celebrating a holiday without them
  • They’re your plus one to any and every event
  • You’re willing to make compromises for them, even when you really don’t want to
  • You’ve pretty much got their ring picked out, all you have to do is place the order
  • Your social circles have just about blended into one
  • They’re your emergency contact
  • They’re your cheerleader for everything
  • You’ve already planned out your perfect life together
  • You’ve had a serious pre-posal chat

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