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Ready to DIY your wedding bar? While you’ll definitely need to hit the liquor store at some point, there’s more to a good bar than just booze. You’ll need everything from tools like strainers and shakers to glassware to serve your drinks in. Keep in mind that some venues will already have the bar stocked with supplies, so it’s best to ask what yours is equipped with before you go on a major shopping spree.

Here is the ultimate wedding bar shopping list.

The goods
Ok, so what alcohol you buy for your big day is really up to you and what type of bar you’re having. You’re definitely not obligated to have top shelf liquor and imported wine, so if you want to serve craft brews and some inexpensive chardonnay, go for it! Here is the basic list of what wedding bars typically hold, but remember, you’re free to tweak it to meet your needs.

  • Liquor (usually gin, vodka and whisky)
  • Wine (one red, one white)
  • Champagne (or sparkling wine)
  • Beer (one or more varieties)
  • Mixers (a variety of juices and sodas)
  • Garnishes (lemons and limes)

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The basic supplies
You don’t want your wine and beer to lose its chill, so you’re going to need somewhere to put it. Not all venues are equipped with mini fridges at their bars, so you’ll need a frosty place to store it all. That’s where supplies like buckets and coolers come into play. You’ll also need things like extra containers and bar rags to keep everything tidy.

  • Bar rags
  • Ice
  • Ice buckets (reserved for ice that will be put in drinks)
  • Ice scoop
  • Ice tongs
  • Large tubs (to be filled with ice and wine/beer)
  • Coolers (for extra ice)
  • Containers (for garnishes)
  • Cocktail napkins and/or coasters
  • Cocktail sticks and straws
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The tools
You know that feeling when you bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s house only to discover he or she has no corkscrew? If you don’t, it’s sheer sadness, and you definitely don’t want that on your wedding day. These are all the tools you’ll need to create killer cocktails and open all those bottles of vino for your big day. Pro tip: if you’re not serving elaborate signature cocktails you may be able to skip buying fancy extras like bar jiggers and strainers.

  • Corkscrews
  • Bottle openers
  • Shakers
  • Bar jiggers (or shot glasses)
  • Strainers
  • Muddlers

The glassware
Not all beverages should be served in wine glasses, so you’ll need to have a few different glassware options on hand. Keep in mind that while you don’t necessarily need special glasses for your signature cocktails, investing in something a bit more elaborate (like copper moscow mule mugs) is a cute way to take your drinks to the next level.

  • Champagne flutes
  • Wine glasses
  • Tumblers
  • Shot glasses
  • Signature cocktail glasses

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