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5 Major Pre-Wedding Ceremony Don’ts

Your wedding ceremony will, without a doubt, be magical. Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll enjoy it just as much as your guests.

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It’s almost time for your wedding ceremony to begin. You’re dressed to the nines, your officiant is in place and your wedding guests are almost all seated. At this point, you’ve probably got about a million butterflies in your stomach and you’re just as nervous as you are excited. Before you start rushing around to make sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine, take these pitfalls into consideration, and, if you start doing any of them snap yourself out of it!

Here are five major pre-wedding ceremony don’ts.

Don’t doubt your decisions

It’s 100% normal to be anxious right before you walk down the aisle, but don’t let your nerves get the better of you. While it’s fine to review your wedding vows, you shouldn’t start questioning them (now’s definitely not the time for a rewrite). Same goes for your outfit, flowers and menu. You hammered out these details a while ago and they’re probably all perfect, so don’t second guess yourself! Everything will work out fine, just relax and have a bit of faith.

Don’t let the little things get to you

There may be a few bumps in the road, and you know what? That’s totally fine. Your wedding planner has backup plans in place for this exact reason. If one of your altar arrangements goes MIA, your flower girl has a mini-meltdown while walking down the aisle or one of your groomsmen misplaces their boutonniere, it’s not the end of the world. Your planner, party and parents will all work tirelessly to make your big day as magical as possible, so take a few deep breaths and focus on saying your “I dos”.

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Don’t forget to have some R&R

Okay, okay so you probably won’t be able to totally relax before your wedding – you’ll be waaaay too excited for that – but you should aim to get at least ten minutes of downtime before your wedding ceremony kicks off. If you can sneak in a power nap or zen out in a quiet room for a while, do it. The rest of your day will be filled with hellos, hugs and handshakes, so take this opportunity to spend a little time by yourself.

Don’t stress about what other people are doing

You can’t control anyone but yourself, so don’t try to. Focus on having a good time and making the most of your big day. If one of your bridesmaids gets a bit salty or the best man had one too many beers before the wedding ceremony, it’s not your job to keep them in line. This day is about you and your S.O., so let other people deal with the drama.

Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding

You only get one wedding, so make it count! If you’re feeling stressed, nervous or unsure, just think about why you’re getting hitched. Focus on the love of your life and nothing else. That should calm you down and have your marching to that altar with confidence.

Heather Prosser Photography

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