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Your first dance as a married couple is both an important and fun moment on your wedding day. Choosing a song that’s both meaningful and good to dance to is essential, but with all of the great tunes out there, it’s often hard to choose the right one. Check out our tips for finding the perfect first dance song for your big day.

Think of “your songs”

A first dance song should be meaningful to both you and your future spouse. Take some time to think about important songs from throughout your relationship—the first song you danced to, a song that was playing when you had your first date, even a song that you love to sing to each other around the house. Picking a song with special significance will make the choice even easier. 

Listen up and get inspired

If you can’t think of a song that’s has special significance and is wedding appropriate, that’s totally okay. You’ll have to do a bit more research to find the right tune. Start listening more closely to the radio, Spotify, or Pandora. Check out wedding song lists online. Ask your DJ, bandleader, and friends for suggestions. If you and your future spouse can’t agree, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of songs out there, you’re bound to find one you’ll both love.

Find the right rhythm

A good first dance song is neither too fast nor too slow. Unless you and your future spouse are pro dancers, you might get tripped up by a song that’s super fast, and a song that’s too slow may cause the dreaded “hug and sway” that can be pretty boring to watch.

Listen to the lyrics

If you think you’ve found the right song, take the time to listen carefully to the lyrics, even pulling them up online if possible. While some songs may sound wedding-appropriate at first listen, they may have some lyrics that either talk about heartbreak (not great for a wedding) or will make Grandma blush. If there are any lyrics that you’re even slightly unsure of, it’s probably best to find another tune. You can always play any runner-up songs at other points during the reception, when your guests won’t focus on the lyrics as much.

Consider song length

Your first dance song shouldn’t be too long—under three minutes is ideal, or else your guests may start to lose interest. If you’ve selected a song that’s longer than that, work with your band or DJ to cut the song to an appropriate length. You can also choose a point in the song where you invite the rest of your guests to join you to provide a fun and memorable “group dance” experience.

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