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How to Decorate the Newlyweds’ Getaway Car

The newlyweds’ drive off into the sunset should be worthy of the big screen. Help them make the best exit possible by sprucing up their getaway vehicle with some wedding car decorations.

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Sure, the newlyweds could make their grand exit in a plain old Honda Civic, but where’s the fun in that? If the pair isn’t going all out and renting a flashy sports car or vintage Cadillac, you’ll definitely want to add a few wedding car decorations and a “Just Married” sign to make the newlyweds’ getaway car look just as photo-worthy as the guests of honour. Need some tips on making that happen? We’ve got your back.

Here are some wedding car decorating tips for the newlyweds’ getaway vehicle.

Assemble a crack team

Typically the groomsmen are in charge of decorating the newlyweds’ getaway car. However, if you think they’ll go a little too crazy with the silly string and kitschy decorations after a few glasses of champagne, it may be a good idea to have backup. Think about throwing at least one sober, design-savvy individual into the mix to keep the boys on task.

Time it right

Since it’s a time-honoured tradition, the couple may assume you’re decorating their car, but they shouldn’t know for sure. Make it a surprise by stealthily getting an estimated time of departure from the wedding planner, mother of the bride or maid of honour. This will allow you and your partners in crime to sneak out of the venue and get to decorating without them knowing. Remember, you don’t want to do it too early in the evening. One of the lovebirds may want to take a look at their ride before the reception wraps and you don’t want them catching you in the act.

Have a game plan

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of making fun signs and putting together elaborate wedding car decorations only to find that they won’t fit. Search for the specs of the newlyweds’ getaway car before you start DIYing to make sure your vision will work. If the car is rented, you may also want to check with the rental company about their policies regarding wedding car decorations.

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Assemble your wedding car decorations

While you don’t necessarily need a theme, you will need an idea of what you’re going for with the design. The last thing you want is for the newlyweds to be not-so-pleasantly surprised by something that resembles a second-grader’s art project (or maybe you do, who knows?). Custom signs, garlands made of greenery, floral accents, streamers, shaving cream and tin cans are all favourite wedding car decorations. Pro tip: make sure you choose materials that won’t damage the car. No matter how amazing you think spray paint looks, the vehicle’s owner probably won’t be too thrilled with your decision.

Make safety a priority

Nobody wants to spend their first night as a couple in the hospital! Scribbling messages on all the windows of the newlyweds’ getaway car may look amazing, but it’s probably not the best idea. Make sure you’re not blocking the driver’s view in any way to save the VIPs from getting into any accidents on their way to the hotel.

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