Lavish Engagements

The decor you choose for your wedding altar can help evoke your wedding style. Whether you want something rustic or glam, these ideas are perfect for turning your ceremony into a swoon-worthy setting.


Cover your altar in lush blooms to create an eclectic and romantic look. Florals are perfect for couples having an outdoor wedding, such as a garden or backyard fête. You can even attach greenery to your altar to create a nature-inspired style, too.


Loose fabric can really enhance your altar. Drapery provides an airy and soft vibe and is perfect for exchanging vows on the beach or oceanfront!


Couples looking to add a playful touch to their big day can attach streamers to their altar or arch. Not only will they catch with the wind, they come in various colours too!

Vintage Doors

Doors symbolize starting a new life with your S.O. They also can add a vintage or even rustic look to your ceremony. Whether you opt for an antique-style window frame or a wooden door painted in a muted colour, both are a great for indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Hanging Glassware

Create a whimsical aesthetic to your ceremony setting with the help of hanging votives. You can even place fresh blooms inside the glassware to add a pop of colour, too.

Light Fixtures

Perfect for evening or dusk ceremonies, adding light is a fabulous way to enhance your altar decor. From chandeliers, to string lights your altar can exude an elegant and luxurious style.

Wine Barrels

Rustic couples will love this option. Perfect for vineyard or barn weddings, just place two wine barrels on either side of your altar to create a laid-back ceremony setting.