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5 Breathtaking Ceremony Backdrops

The only thing that's just as romantic as a couple making a lifelong commitment to one another? The location they say their vows! These ceremony backdrops totally caught our attention.

There's something about a couple exchanging vows in front of a beautiful backdrop that's simply magical! Here are a few that took our breath away. 

1. Regal Place of Worship


Aleksandra & Co. Events

Nothing says opulence quite like high ceilings, stained-glass windows, and beautiful marble details. 

2. Natural Beauty

Something New Wedding & Event Design

Calling all nature lovers! This picturesque mountain view is a breathtaking place to say your vows. 

3. Historic Setting

This unique cobblestone backdrop evokes a vibe of ancient romance that caught our attention for all the right reasons. 

4. Beachside Nuptials


Romantic Planet Vacations

There's something oh-so-romantic (and stunning!) about an intimate beach ceremony. 

5. Rustic Ceremony

Lustre Events by Melissa & Morgan

This scene looks like it was taken right out of a rustic chic dream!