Picking the perfect honeymoon destination is a personal choice—every couple is different. When faced with a seemingly endless array of perfectly appealing options, deciding where to go can be tricky! Here are four tips for finding the right honeymoon destination for you and your fiancé(e).

List Likes and Dislikes

Start off by making a comprehensive list of your personal preferences to help narrow down your options. Include anything from climate preferences, transportation preferences, favorite foods versus cuisine you’re not crazy about, and hobbies and activities you enjoy or have always wanted to try versus those you prefer to avoid. Maybe you want to be in a cozy, sweater-weather climate where you can travel around by train and indulge in rich, creamy cuisine, or perhaps you’d prefer a tropical climate where you can travel around by boat and eat fresh seafood.

Set a Budget

While your honeymoon is a special occasion, you certainly don’t want to go into debt over it. When setting a budget, decide which factors are most important to you and prioritize your spending. Make sure to include transportation costs, meals, gratuities, special activities, and any other indulgences—like an extra fancy dinner or a spa day for two!

Consult a Travel Agent

Even if you’ve narrowed down climate and general location, choosing the perfect destination can be overwhelming! A travel agent can help guide you and can offer helpful suggestions and insights when it comes to types of accommodations, budget, length of travel, and more.

Consider Timing

Some couples choose to honeymoon right after their big day, while others choose to postpone the ‘moon until later in the year, perhaps opting for a minimoon in the meantime. If you are planning to leave from your honeymoon straight from your wedding (or soon after), it’s important to take potential stress and exhaustion into account. An African safari or a multi-city tour through Europe might sound awesome to you now, but after all that planning and celebrating, you may just want to lounge on the beach. Try to be realistic and anticipate how you might feel. If you’re up for adventure, just make sure you’re organized in advance—you may not want to be planning during the honeymoon!

Photo Courtesy of Tahiti By Carl - Travel Professionals International (TPI)