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10 Montreal Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Montreal has no shortage of amazing bachelorette party-worthy destinations. Here are a few of our favourite spots in the city.

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We’ve all seen those movies where the bride-to-be drinks one too many cocktails and goes absolutely crazy during her bachelorette party. While that may be entertaining on the big screen, it may not be what your bestie wants. See, Montreal bachelorette party ideas don’t have to be all about booze, strip clubs and bach swag to have a great time. Every bride-to-be is different and deserves a stagette that suits her. Luckily, the city has plenty of amazing soiree spots fit for all types of ladies - from foodies to fitness junkies.

Here are a few of the best Montreal bachelorette party ideas.

For the aspiring chef: Ateliers & Saveurs (444 Rue Sainte-Francois Xavier)
Whether the bride-to-be is clueless in the kitchen or a full blown foodie, a cooking class would probably do her some good. Take her and the rest of your girl gang to Ateliers & Saveurs to learn the tricks of the trade. With the guidance of a trained chef, you’ll make a two or three course plated meal and enjoy it together in the dining room (no need to make a rezzy at a fancy restaurant!). In the market for a boozier bachelorette party idea? This spot also offers cocktails classes and wine tastings.

For the beauty obsessed babe: Ruby Brown (1228 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest)
While a shopping trip at Sephora would probably impress your beauty obsessed BFF, we suggest going the extra mile for her Montreal bachelorette party. Ruby Brown does private perfume workshops in Ritz-Carlton where guests can create their perfect scents. Not only will this be an amazing time for you and the rest of your girl squad, but if the bride-to-be hasn’t found her wedding fragrance yet, she may be able to DIY it herself here!

For the craft beer enthusiast: Montreal Craft Beer Tour (1749 Rue Saint-Denis)
Want to take your pregame to the next level? Opt for a tour of Montreal’s top breweries. You’ll be treated to a ton of amazing IPAs, stouts and lagers as well as indulgent comfort food (think charcuterie, nachos and - obviously - poutine). The menu may not fit into the guest of honours pre-wedding healthy eating plan, but remind her that walking around for three hours will burn off some of those calories (plus, she probably deserves a cheat day).

For the fitness junkie: Milan Pole Dance Studio (50 Rue Saint-Jacques)
Is your pal a total #fitspo queen? Forget about doing deadlifts and donkey kicks, give her the workout of her life by taking her to an exotic dance class. Milan Pole Dance Studio will make you and your squad feel sexy while breaking a sweat with its group session.

For the gamer girl: Arcade MTL (2031 Rue Saint-Denis)
If your pal loves to spend her days playing her way the latest incarnation of Zelda, Mass Effect or Resident Evil, this may be the perfect spot for her Montreal bachelorette party. The bar boasts more than 20 game machines - from Tetris to WWF WrestleFest and has killer brews cocktails, too.

For the sophisticated bride: Rosélys (900 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest)
Let your bestie say her sweet goodbyes to unmarried life with scones, macarons and other decadent treats at Rosélys (located in Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth). The restaurant hosts high tea every day of the week, so reserve a table and prepare to celebrate. The dress code is “smart casual”, but we suggest taking things to the next level with Kate Middleton-inspired ensembles and Royal Ascot-worthy fascinators.

For the zen bride: Bota Bota (333 Rue de la Commune Ouest)
Wedding planning can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining, so your bestie could probably use a break. Instead of spending a night on the town, treat her to a spa day of R&R at Bota Bota. Pools, massages, manis, pedis and facials are all available here and will take her mind off of tablescapes, bridal gowns and catering menus - even if only for an hour or two.

For the party animal: Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Saint Laurent has everything you need for an epic Montreal bachelorette party. Late night eats? Check. Clubs and bars galore? Check. Rowdy crowds? Check. If you’re looking to take your night to blockbuster-worthy levels, this is the place to go on a crawl of clubs in Montreal. You’ll need to build some cover charges into your budget (average is $15 per person), but it will be worth it.

For the nature lover: Au Diable Vert (169 Chemin Staines)
If your guest of honour is all about flora, fauna and Mother Nature’s gifts, hop in the car and head to Sutton (it’s only about an hour and a half away, don’t worry!). Au Diable Vert is equipped with stunning campsites, treehouses, airstreams, mountain apartments and more - so you can plan the perfect camping (or glamping) adventure for your squad.

For the thrill seeker: Parachute Montreal (29 Route 125 | 200 Chemin Lebeau)
Is your BFF the kind of lady who would jump off a cliff Pocahontas-style and run with the bulls in Spain? Well, Montreal nightlife probably won’t cut it for her adventurous soul. If your girl has guts of steel, take her outside of the city to Parachute Montreal. She’ll be treated to the ultimate adrenaline rush by diving out of a plane thousands of feet from the ground. Bonus: all of you will get videos of your jumps to hold onto - which will probably be a lot more epic than any photos you’d take at a bar.

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