Frances Morency Photography

Forget about plain ‘ol speakers - give your wedding music retro twist by playing it out of a jukebox (bonus points if you stack your playlist with oldies).

By Frances Morency Photography
Brooklin Photography
Birdcage Veil

If you’re making your wedding a vintage affair, everything down to your accessories needs to be a little bit old-fashioned. Top your bridal look with a birdcage veil to make your ensemble perfectly on-theme.

By Brooklin Photography
Photo Junkies
Vintage Theatre Venue

Looking for the perfect old-school venue for your wedding day? Forget about barns, ballrooms and boutique hotels - go with a vintage theatre, instead.

By Photo Junkies
Ryan B. Photography
Tea Bar

While you shouldn’t skip stocking your bar, offering non-alcoholic options is also necessary. The perfect bevy for this type of affair? Tea served with mixed ‘n’ matched cups and saucers.

By Ryan B. Photography
Marincat Photography
Scroll Vows

There’s something super charming about handwritten wedding vows. Instead of penning yours in a notebook, write them on a scroll.

By Marincat Photography
Carol's Photography

Pearls are a vintage fashion staple, so, naturally, they should be included in your wedding look. Whether you want to wear a single strand around your neck or fasten them to your gown is your call.

By Carol's Photography
Photo Junkies
Vintage Getaway Car

Who needs a limo when you could be riding off into the sunset in a stunning old-fashioned car? If you can find one that matches your colour scheme, even better.

By Photo Junkies
Michelle Lewis Photography
Record Table Numbers

Jazz up your reception space by using vinyl records to display table numbers or titles. These might even inspire you to name your tables after songs or singers.

By Michelle Lewis Photography
Kristy Reimer Photography
Simple Place Settings

Sometimes simple is better. Instead of going overboard with bedazzled napkin holders and elaborate name tags, go for classic and refined place settings.

By Kristy Reimer Photography
Lung Liu Photography
Flapper Inspired Bridesmaid Looks

Harken back to the 1920’s by asking your BFFs to don flapper garb instead of modern maxis. You’re bound to get some amazing group photos.

By Lung Liu Photography
Heather Doughty Photography
Vintage Shoes

Finish off your retro wedding ensemble with some fancy footwear, like these printed booties.

By Heather Doughty Photography
Gina Brandt Photography
Newsboy Cap

Looking to make your groom ensemble a little more retro? Top it off with a newsboy cap. You can even give your groomsmen matching hats to sport while they stand by your side.

By Gina Brandt Photography
Photo Junkies
Book Aisle Markers

Calling all bookworms! Head to your local thrift store or flea market and pick up a few vintage hardbacks to line your aisle with. Remember, this is a time when you actually should be judging books by their covers.

By Photo Junkies
Photo Junkies
Coke Bottle Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is an adorable way to take make your wedding service even more sentimental. While you could use plain glass vases or jars for vessels, old-school coke bottles will give the whole thing a bit off added vintage flair.

By Photo Junkies
Michelle Lewis Photography
Naked Wedding Cake

Skip the fancy frosting designs and wallpapered tiers and go with something a bit more rustic and effortless, like a naked cake.

By Michelle Lewis Photography
Zsuzsi Pal Photography

Take your wedding decor to the next level by added a few birdcages (they make for amazing aisle markers and wedding centerpieces). We suggest doing a bit of DIY magic and painting them to match your wedding’s colour scheme.

By Zsuzsi Pal Photography
Raelene Schulmeister Photography
Old Family Photos

Take your guests for a walk down memory lane by adding a few old family photos to your reception decor. Instead of pinning them to a board or printing them in polaroid format, slip them inside mixed and matched frames.

By Raelene Schulmeister Photography
Cigar Favours

Gift your guests with some celebratory cigars at the end of your reception. If you’re not into the real deal or are hosting underaged guests, you can go with chocolate ones, instead.

Kristin Zabos Photography
Flower Girl Picnic Baskets

Pack some picnic baskets with blooms or petals and have your flower girls carry them down the aisle. You can always reuse these after your wedding has wrapped for romantic date nights in the park (making them totally worth the investment).

By Kristin Zabos Photography
Vanesa Araujo Photography
Lacy Wedding Dress

Lacy wedding dresses are what vintage dreams are made of. If you want something even more old-fashioned, make yours a tea-length frock.

By Vanesa Araujo Photography
Stefania Bowler Photography
Rustic Desserts

Fill your dessert table with sweet and simple desserts like bundt cakes, pies and crumbles. Your guests will definitely be coming back for seconds (and maybe even thirds).

By Stefania Bowler Photography
Kelleher Wedding Photography
Fabric Bouquet

Peonies, roses and tulips may be beautiful, but fabric flowers give off a dreamier vintage vibe. You can even add in a few pins, gems or pieces of jewellery to give yours that extra oomph.

By Kelleher Wedding Photography
Gina Brandt Photography
Suitcase Card Box

Ask your guests to drop off their handwritten well wishes into a chic vintage suitcase. Take it to the next level by adding a cute bunting sign.

By Gina Brandt Photography
Photohouse Studio
Photo Bouquet Wrap

Make your bouquet a bit more sentimental by adding a few old photos of your nearest and dearest to its wrap like this bride. It’s an amazing way to include family or friends who can’t be there on your big day.

By Photohouse Studio
Bike Getaway

Go car free on your wedding day and speed off on a pair of adorable pastel cruisers after you say your “I dos”. Don’t forget to add some “Just Married” signs!

Here are 25 of our favourite ways to vintage-ify your celebration.

Vintage weddings are some of the most Pinterest-able. From beautiful decor to stunning ensembles, they have it all. If you’re looking for a few ways to infuse your big day with some retro charm, we’ve got a few creative ideas worth considering. Whether you’re looking for venue inspo or vintage wedding style suggestions, we’ve got your back.

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