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8 Ways to Rock a Bridesmaid Dress You Don’t Like

Been given a frock that’s got way too much tulle or taffeta for your liking? Here’s how to own your gown.

Evan McMaster Photography & Illustration

Even if your pal has the best fashion sense in the world, she may not pick out the perfect bridesmaid dress for you. Remember, she’s thinking about her overall wedding vision, not your body type or style preferences. If you’re being given something similar to this, here’s how to deal.

Here’s how to rock a bridesmaid dress you don’t like.

Work it
Do you think every member of Destiny’s Child always loved their outfit? Probably not. So, channel your inner Beyonce and work that bridesmaid dress like it’s the most stunning thing you’ve ever owned. Confidence is your best accessory, and if you’ve got a lot of it what you’re wearing won’t matter.

Stand up tall
Take a page from the etiquette books of yore and stand like you have a book balancing on the top of your head. This may not sound life changing, but it can really make or break your look. If you’re slumping down it can make a bad bridesmaid dress look even worse. So, straighten up that backbone and try not to slouch. Pretend you’re a pageant contestant and push your shoulders back, keep your core tight and keep your chin up.

Get it altered
You know what’s better than a bridesmaid dress that doesn’t fit? One that does. Make sure you order your frock in the correct size (look at the measurement chart) and then go see a seamstress to fix any dragging hems or bunching. This may even transform the dress into something you love.

Find the right underwear
Think you can throw on any old VS bra and undies and be done with it? Wrong. You don’t want lines or straps showing, so make sure you find the perfect undergarments to throw on underneath that bridesmaid dress. This may mean scheduling a little shopping trip (and that’s definitely a silver lining).

Focus on your hair and makeup
If your bridesmaid dress just isn’t doing it for you, focus on the other amazing parts of your look. Whether the bride has hired a hairstylist and makeup artist to handle your face and locks or you’re doing it on your own, you’re bound to end up with a good look from the neck up. Try to think about this instead of your outfit.

Accessories go a long way
Before you start going crazy with rings, necklaces, hair baubles, shoes and the like, ask the bride-to-be if she has any do’s and don’t’s for accessories on her big day. After she gives you the guidelines start hunting for that perfect piece of bling or a killer pair of shoes to elevate your look.

Give yourself a reality check
Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t your day. The reason you’re wearing that tulle or taffeta number is to be there for your friend on her wedding day. Put things into perspective and you’ll have a much easier time embracing your outfit.

Remember that it’s not your day
Most people will have their eyes glued to the happy couple, so you won’t have to worry about anyone judging your ensemble. Let’s face it, this is the bride’s big moment, so it’s her dress that’s most important. Focus on how gorgeous she looks and let her steal that spotlight - after months of planning, she deserves it.

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