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6 Ways to Throw a Stress-Free Bachelorette Party

The pressure is on! You’ve been tasked with planning your BFFs bachelorette bash. Here’s how to do it without losing your mind (or your savings).

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Throwing an amazing bachelorette party is no easy feat. If you’ve been tasked with the challenge there are a few tips and tricks that’ll make your life easier along the way. From figuring out the guest count to sharing the workload, there are plenty of ways to make planning more fun than fear-inducing.

Here’s how to throw a stress-free bachelorette party.

Keep your mind on the money
Before you start crafting swag bags and booking limos, make sure you know your budget. Debt always leads to stress, so working within your means is key. It’s easy to get carried away when planning parties, but remember, your resources aren’t infinite and you don’t want to owe Visa thousands of bucks when all is said and done (no matter how much you love the bride-to-be). Also, if you’re pooling funds with the other bridesmaids - which we highly recommend - make sure you round up the cash before making any big purchases.

Do your homework
Do your research and start early. As soon as you’ve been called upon as MOH start scouting potential venues and drafting plans. This will save you from scrambling to get everything ready at the eleventh hour. If it’s not a surprise, make sure you ask the bride what type of party she wants to have so you know just what to look for. Is she the type of lady who likes to bar hop until the wee hours of the morning or would she much rather spend her day by a pool with cucumber slices on her eyes? This will help give your plans some direction.

Get the guest count
What happens if you plan a party for ten gals and twenty show up? Nothing good. Make sure the number of guests is pretty much set in stone so that you know have an idea of what to buy. You don’t want to be short on food and drink, nor do you want to be left with tons of excess bachelorette swag after the event has wrapped.

Delegate projects
You’re playing the role of commander-in-chief, so rally the troops and get everyone involved in the planning process. If you’re super type A, you don’t have to give away the big jobs, but let the bridesmaids take on tasks like picking up the red solo cups, putting together playlists and prepping the food.

Keep in touch
Make sure your co-planners are in the loop at all times. Start an email thread or Facebook group to keep everyone informed and on task. This’ll make getting jobs done easy and breezy. Note: you’ll want to keep any other guests informed, too. Consider making a separate group or event page for all of them so that they know when any party details are changed or updated.

Stock up on supplies
You don’t want to run out of beverages, games or some other crucial items before the clock strikes nine - you want to be prepared to party all night long. So, make sure to stock up on all the supplies you may need for the evening (plus a few more for good measure) in advance.

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