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6 Things You Shouldn’t Bring on Your Honeymoon

Hooray! Your wedding has wrapped and you’re ready to pack your bags and head out on your honeymoon. Before you leave, check that these items haven’t found their way into your suitcase.

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So, your honeymoon is a mere few days away and you’re ready to start filling your suitcase? Before you begin chucking everything from boots to your blow dryer into your bag, think about what you really need. You definitely don’t want to be rushing through the airport with four or five bags of unnecessary bits and bobs, so spend some time planning it all out. If you’re prone to overpacking, read these rules before even touching your luggage.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t bring on your honeymoon.

All of your gadgets
Your honeymoon is the perfect time to do a digital detox, so leave your laptop, tablet and Apple watch at home. Set your email to “out of office mode” and get ready for some serious relaxation. Not having all your gizmos and gadgets will allow you to actually spend some real face time - no, not that facetime - with your better half, sans screens.

OK, so this is probably covered if you’re leaving your laptop behind, but there are ways to do work without a computer. Don’t try to sneak any files, applications or practice presentation notes into your carry-on (those aren’t exactly good beach reads). Stick to magazines and books, and remember, it’s time for pleasure, not business.

Thank-you cards
Even though your wedding is over, there are a few loose ends that need tying up. One of those is your thank-you cards. While you may think that packing a few extra pieces of stationery is NBD, spending your nights jotting out thank-yous doesn’t exactly scream “honeymoon fun”. Leave ‘em at home and tackle them when you get back.

Prized possessions
You don’t want to risk losing any valuables on your honeymoon - that’ll just throw you into a stress spiral - so leave things like your gold watch, diamond earrings and engagement ring at home. Yes, you’ll miss wearing them, but think about how sad you’d be if they flew away while you were ziplining. You should be basking in the good times, not thinking about where your precious belongings are.

A lot of extra clothes
Plan your outfits before you start throwing things in your bag! Seriously, if you don’t, you’re bound to overpack, and who wants to schlep around a hefty bag of clothes that they’re not going to wear? Nobody. Check the weather, make a list of all the things you’re going to need and stick to it. Focus on packing versatile pieces that you can mix and match and keep your footwear practical - you probably won’t be rocking mini dresses and sky high heels if you’re adventuring around Vancouver Island or trekking around Nova Scotia.

Full-sized shower products
Now, you may be planning on taking a pre-honeymoon trip to Sephora to stock up on some luxurious body lotions and potions for your vacay - but before you fill your basket with hundreds of dollars worth of goodies, review your flight rules. If you plan on packing light and only travelling with a carry-on, most airlines won’t allow bottles with more than 100 ml, so go with sample sizes instead of massive bottles. Bonus: this will also lighten your load quite a bit, making running through the airport to catch your flight a little bit easier.

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