Meadow Muse Pavilion

If you are a couple loving the mix ‘n’ matched look for your reception seating, you might want to consider a combination of rectangle and square tables in lieu of circle. Check out our list of pros vs. cons:


  • It fosters the feeling of having a giant family and friend gathering.  

  • It is easier to decorate! You are allowed more than just one arrangement!

  • It is perfect for a floor plan that does not fit enough people.

  • It benefits the bride and groom to be the center of the celebration.

  • It lets the layout have more flexibility.


  • It does not reflect the traditional route.

  • It does not connect conversations.  

  • It can be challenging for the caterer to serve dinner without it going cold.

  • It can be hard to find a long enough linen.

  • It is likely loved ones will be facing the opposite direction of the dance floor.