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Your Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines

You need to know your wedding dress necklines to find the perfect bridal gown. Here’s a guide to the most popular styles to help get you started.

Plunging V wedding dress neckline

Alright, you’ve pinned down the exact bridal gown silhouette you’re in the market for, but do you know your wedding dress necklines? You should have an idea of what you want the top half of your wedding dress to look like before you hit the stores. We’ve made a guide to the most popular ones to help get you started. Of course, we recommend trying on a few different ones to see what works best for you.

Here is your guide to wedding dress necklines.

Bateau or Boat Neck: A boat neck is a modest wedding dress neckline style that follows the curve of the bride’s collarbone, creating a slight “U” shape that extends to the tips of her shoulders.

Bateau wedding dress neckline

Halter: A halter dress has straps that wrap around the back of the neck, instead of connecting to the back of the bodice. It’s great for fuller chested brides who need a little bit of support.

Halter wedding dress neckline

High Neck: A high neck reaches the bottom of the bride’s neck, or extends slightly above it (verging on turtleneck territory). This gives off a regal look, perfect for those getting hitched in a castle.

High-neck wedding dress

Illusion: Illusion wedding dress necklines are super on-trend at the moment. They feature transparent panels (typically made of lace, tulle or net) that extend from the top of the bodice to the neck.

Illusion wedding dress neckline

Queen Anne: The Queen Anne bridal gown neckline is a unique one. It has a raised back and partially opened front, offering the perfect mix of modesty and modernity.

Queen Anne wedding dress neckline

Strapless: A strapless neckline goes straight across the bride’s neckline, typically slightly above the bust. It has no curves, flourishes or straps. This style is perfect if you’re going for a statement hairdo or rocking an amazing necklace.

Strapless wedding dress neckline

Square: A square wedding dress neckline is exactly what it sounds like. The two straps and bustline are straight, rigid lines that connect, creating a square-like shape.

Square wedding dress neckline

Scoop: A scoop neck creates a “U” shape, highlighting the bustline. The style can be demure or daring,depending on how far down the “U” goes.

Scoop wedding dress neckline

Sweetheart: The sweetheart wedding dress neckline mimics the shape of the top of heart, so it really plays off the romance of a wedding. The centre can plunge or be more modest with just a slight dip.

Sweetheart neckline wedding dress

One Shoulder: Want something a little bit different? Opt for a one-shouldered bridal gown neckline. This style features only one strap or sleeve, leaving the opposite arm and shoulder exposed.

One-shoulder wedding dress

Off the Shoulder: Instead of the straps or sleeves resting on the tops of the shoulders they will hang off of them, leaving the neck and shoulders exposed. Like the strapless gown, this style is ideal for showcasing some bling or an elaborate hairdo.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dress

V-Neck: This is the sister of the scoop neck, but instead of “U” shape, it creates a “V”. This is the perfect option if you want to go with a daring plunge.

V-neck wedding dress

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