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What to Do if You Have to Miss a Bachelorette Party

Can’t make it to your BFF’s bachelorette party? You can still join in on the fun from afar. Here's how.

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Scenario: your bestie is having her bachelorette party and, as luck would have it, your calendar is jam-packed that weekend. Of course, it sucks that you can’t be there for your friend’s last hurrah, but don’t spend your time moping around. There’s plenty of ways to get in on the fun, even if your can’t make it to the party.

Here’s what to do if you have to miss a bachelorette party.

Help plan it
Join the party planning committee and help put together the bash of your bestie’s dreams. If you know she loves a particular bar, playlist or beverage, let the host know. Even if you can’t be there IRL, you can help make it the best night ever.

Surprise them
You won’t be there to take shots with the squad, but you can surprise them with some bubbly (or another bevy). Ask the host where they’re headed that evening and either send along a bottle for their limo ride or have one delivered to their table at dinner. Unfortunately you won’t be able to make a toast, but they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Join the conversation
If you’re part of the bride’s inner circle, you’re probably part of a group convo with all the bachelorette party’s lovely ladies. Well, use that platform to interact with your pals during their night on the town. You don’t want to bombard them with texts (they’ve got stuff to do!), but you can send along a few celebratory messages and some fun party GIFs.

Stalk social media
Your pals will probably be posting up a storm during the bash, so keep up with their antics by following their bachelorette hashtag on Instagram and checking in on Snapchat. You may get a little bit of FOMO, but it’ll be like you’re right there along with them. Don’t forget to gift them with a few likes and comments, too!

Send along emergency kits
Know your besties are complete party animals? Send ‘em supplies for dealing with their alcohol induced aches and pains the day after. A little Gatorade, an energy bar and a few Advil go a long way after a big night out.

Plan your own party
If you have to miss out on the real deal, plan your own celebration with the bride-to-be. You don’t want to outdo the bachelorette bash by going over the top with party buses and bach swag, but you can make it just as special. Think of something the two of you love to do together - like shopping, eating out at your favourite restaurant or going to the spa - and treat her to that.

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