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The New Year’s Resolutions All Newlyweds Should Make

Calling all newlyweds! Here are the resolutions you need to make your first year of marriage your best year yet!

New Years Resolutions for Newlyweds

While marriage certainly isn’t a chore, it’s not exactly fun and games every day either and we all need to work to keep our relationships happy and healthy. While newlyweds may be thinking the struggle stopped at wedding planning, we’re here to break the news that deciding on the perfect wedding menu or wedding favours was only the beginning of the journey. To help you get off to a great start, here are the new year’s resolutions we think all newlyweds should be making in 2023.

Here are the new year’s resolutions all newlyweds should make.


If certain behaviours are starting to get on your nerves, even if it’s just day-to-day gripes such as picking up towels or doing the washing up, make sure you speak up and let your partner know how you feel. Although certain things may seem trivial, it’s best to let your feelings be known sooner, before resentment has had a chance to build and become unhealthy. Remember to listen to your spouse’s feedback too and try to understand the situation from their point of view.

Show gratitude

There are probably hundreds of reasons you chose to marry your partner and chances are they display some of these traits every day. If your partner makes you a cup of coffee in the morning or de-ices the car, be sure to show them how grateful you are. Even if they haven’t made any grand gestures and have simply made you smile and eased your post-wedding blues, be sure to show them how much you appreciate having them around.

Make time

Living together, the idea of making specific ‘appointments’ to spend time with each other may seem ridiculous, but many couples fall down on this basic resolution. In fact, some newlyweds quickly slip into coming home from work and doing their own thing, barely having a conversation with their spouse during the course of the evening. Find a TV show you’d both like to watch or get creative and dust off a game you both love to play and arrange to spend some time together at an allotted time during the day. Just think how much fun you can have together now that you never have to think about seating charts again!

Prioritize sex

It doesn’t matter how hot things have been between you, it’s common to experience ups and downs in your sex life but it’s important to keep it on the schedule. Sex can help to keep you close and connected, so don’t leave it for weeks at a time. Buy new sheets, invest in some sexy lingerie, light candles, share fantasies and even introduce some new toys to keep things fresh.

Be affectionate

Showing love and affection doesn’t always need to involve sex; kissing and cuddling can help newlyweds to get their marriage off to the right start too. We totally get that not everyone is into public displays of affection and it’s fine to keep these moments private, as long as you’re having them. Hold hands as you watch TV, give your S.O. a kiss hello and goodbye and always be there with a hug at the end of a tough day.

Put your phone away

Thanks to huge advances in technology over the last decade, increasing numbers of couples are finding that their phones are getting in the way of their offline relationships. We advise all newlyweds to set aside phones while spending time together, keep them switched off in the bedroom, at the dinner table and on date nights and place your full attention on your spouse. They will love it, we promise.

Put date nights in the calendar

Newlyweds may feel their dating days are long gone, but we think all couples should be making an effort to relive those early days and keep things fresh. Whether you’re heading back to one of your old favourite haunts or you’re trying something new together, try to pop a date in the calendar every week.

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