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35 Thoughts Every Bride-to-Be Has During Her Bachelorette Party

While every bachelorette party has its own unique flavour there are a few thoughts every bride-to-be is guaranteed to have while gallivanting around town with her besties.

Just For U Limo Bus

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. After months of labouring over seating plans, dinner menus and cake flavours, you’re ready to get out of your sweats and into a party dress. While no bachelorette party is quite the same, you’re guaranteed to feel some of these feels while you and your BFF are painting the town.

Here are a few thoughts you’ll definitely have at your bachelorette party.

  1. “I literally have never been this excited in my entire life.”
  2. “Is my LBD a little too little?”
  3. “Just kidding, this dress is amazing. I’ve never looked better”
  4. “How much glitter is too much glitter? Is there even such a thing?”
  5. “I could totally start wearing a crown and sash on a daily basis.”
  6. “I wish my wedding makeup artist were here to do my winged liner.”
  7. “Can I call in my hairstylist, too? Me and this curling wand are not getting along.”
  8. “Can all my drinks be served in a goblet from this day forward?”
  9. “Is it acceptable for an almost-married woman to be playing [insert typical frat party game]? Because I am.”
  10. “I wonder how expensive it would be to take a limo everywhere for the rest of my life”
  11. ♫ Driver, roll up the partition, please♫
  12. “Fingers crossed they didn’t hire me a stripper. I am not ready for that.”
  13. “I am going to try every shot on the menu. Slippery nipple? Sign me up.”
  14. “I’ve never tried doing a shot ski. It sounds like a great idea right about now.”
  15. “I am giving my college self a run for her money.”
  16. “Yes, I should befriend each and every person in this bar.”
  17. “I wonder if my fiancé(e)’s bachelor/bachelorette party is this fun?” 
  18. “Now’s the perfect time to play matchmaker. That stranger and my MOH would be perfect for each other.”
  19. “The old married lady in me wants to go home and binge-watch shows on Netflix in my pajamas.”
  20. “I’m so happy I’m not single.”
  21. “Is the DJ a mindreader? Because he is playing all of my jams.”
  22. “I could crush these other ladies in a dance off. I’m not going to, but I could.”
  23. “Oh, no I lost my purse/phone/credit card.”
  24. “Oops, I’ve actually had it this entire time.”
  25. “What on earth have my friends gotten me into?”
  26. “I am praying that there isn’t any Snapchat evidence of my impromptu “Single Ladies” performance.”
  27. “This is the best squad. Taylor Swift ain’t got nothin’ on us.”
  28. “What hashtag do I use?”
  29. “I’ve already uploaded like seven selfies tonight, another couldn’t hurt.”
  30. “What? It’s last call already? I am not going home yet.”
  31. “I regret wearing six inch heels.”
  32. “Was I wearing a jacket? I can’t even remember.”
  33. “My body is in serious need of some french fries.”
  34. “I wonder how much my hangover is going to hurt - oh well, there’s already Advil on my bedside table.”
  35. “Can we make bachelorette parties like a weekly thing?”

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