Rehearsal Dinner

Your final pre-wedding event will most likely be your rehearsal dinner (it typically happens right after the ceremony run-through). Make it memorable using these tips and tricks on venues, etiquette, styling and more.

Rehearsal Dinner

5 Places to Host a Rehearsal Dinner

Not sure where to start on your rehearsal dinner plans? Choosing a great location is key! This will help determine the size and tone of the celebration and will help inform subsequent decisions like layout, decor, and menu.

By Alex Reardon, 25/11/15

Rehearsal Dinner

Who Do You Invite to the Rehearsal Dinner?

The party before the party, also known as the rehearsal dinner, is the first impression of the wedding weekend. Not sure who to include? Check out the concepts below:

By Caitlin Krebs, 12/11/15

Rehearsal Dinner

7 Tips for an Awesome Rehearsal Dinner

We recommend beginning rehearsal dinner plans about six to eight months in advance of the wedding. Here are ten tips to keep in mind as you go.

By Alex Reardon, 10/11/15