Farm Weddings Vancouver

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Farm wedding in Vancouver: check price, menu, availability, and send inquiries to get the best deals for organizing the perfect rustic-style wedding reception in a beautiful barn or farm house. Include some DIY projects for romantic decor that can create a lovely backdrop to celebrate in the countryside.

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    Southlands Farm
    Farm Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Southlands Heritage Farm is owned by the Maynard family; Rick and Jennifer and their 3 sons Tik, Telf, and Jordan. We have lived in the Southlands neighbourhood for generations, but the idea of creating 'Southlands Farm' as it is today wasn't conceptualized until the spring of 2008. Our original... (ranch wedding Vancouver)

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    UBC Farm
    Farm Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    UBC Farm is a Vancouver-based venue that specializes in providing a unique forest and farm setting for celebrating weddings and other special events. This venue offers 24 hectares of research and production farm which includes orchards, greenhouses, an events field and a poplar grove among other... (ranch weddings Vancouver)

    Number of guests 5 to 1000