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Wedding DJ in Kelowna: check prices, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding DJs in your area. Choose from disc jockeys and entertainers who will play weddings songs from a wide range of music genres to suit every taste and make sure your guests have a great time at your wedding reception.

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    DJ Spinalshift
    17 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    DJ Spinalshift is a Kelowna-based wedding DJ that specializes in creating unique music experiences for guests at your upcoming event. Jordan, a.k.a DJ Spinalshift, has a special talent for reading crowds, so your friends to younger crowds and even your grandmother can share the dance floor and enjoy... (wedding dJs Kelowna)

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    John Byrne Professional Music Services
    41 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    John Byrne Professional Music Services is a Kelowna-based company that specializes in professional DJ services for weddings and events in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and throughout the Okanagan Valley. DJ John Byrne is well respected among his peers and frequently plays at top venues including the... (wedding dJs Kelowna)

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    DJ Aerodynamix
    3 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    DJ Aerodynamix is a Kelowna-based company that specializes in professional DJ services for weddings and other events. Alec aka DJ Aerodynamix is one of the most trusted professionals in the industry for his impeccable mixes, passion for music and superb customer service. He has been DJing some of... (wedding music Kelowna)

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    Dwayne Mollin Music Services
    Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    For more than 30 years, Dwayne of Dwayne Mollin Music Services has been satisfying clients with his incredible sense of music. In 2000, he moved from Alberta to Kelowna and has been recommended by various venues in the Okanagan Valley such as the Harvest Golf and Country Club, The Manteo Resort,... (wedding music Kelowna)

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    DJ Krucial K "The Flyin' Hawaiian"
    22 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Kalani Laimana (aka DJ Krucial K, "The Flyin' Hawaiian") is a wedding DJ based in the Kelowna area. He brings his cool, professional warmth to every event. Kalani truly works to get to know his clients in order to provide entertainment for their event that perfectly suits their vision. His... (wedding dJs Kelowna)

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    Airwaves Music
    51 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Airwaves Music is North America's largest DJ company. Their team of talented and experienced DJs throws parties in Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Ottawa, and Phoenix, Arizona. People are their passion, and connecting people through music is why they do what they do. Experience They have DJ'd... (reception music Kelowna)

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    Bowie´s Entertainment
    5 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    The Bowie's Entertainment team strives to make your event vision come to life. The group is based in Kelowna/Vancouver, British Columbia, and has been described as fun, outgoing, professional, interactive, and one of the best in the industry. The talented and passionate DJs of Bowie's Entertainment... (wedding music Kelowna)

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    DJ BackMIX (Larry Gray)
    2 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Larry Gray, also known as DJ BackMix prides himself on being the life and soul of the party. His mobile DJ service is a wild and eclectic mix of ‘80s and ‘90s hits which are perfectly selected for cool, fresh weddings. If you want to really impress your guests and blow their minds with some... (reception music Kelowna)

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    Premier Events
    Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Premier Events is a DJ service located in Kelowna, BC. The owner personally attends the details of clients' weddings. Music genres available in the DJ's collection are country, electronic, hip hop, international, pop, r&b/soul, oldies, and rock. Established in 1992, Premier Events has more than 23... (wedding dJs Kelowna)

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    Alex Bird Music
    1 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Alex Bird Music is a Kelowna-based wedding DJ that has been a fixture in the Kelowna and Okanagan wedding industries for more than 5 years. He has an inmense library full of every music genre you can imagine. Alex Bird is a people person, with the social and entertainment skills that will join into... (reception music Kelowna)

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    DJ HayMaker
    88 Wedding DJ Kelowna (British Columbia)

    DJ HayMaker, also known as Jeff Hay, is a favourite DJ in the Okanagan and comes highly recommended by both former clients and a wide variety of venues like the Harvest Golf Club, Summerhill Winery, Lake Okanagan Resort, Manteo Resort, El Dorado, and the Okanagan Golf Club. DJ HayMaker specializes... (wedding dJs Kelowna)