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Wedding Music British Columbia

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Megan Wedding Violinist

Jennifer Moersch ~ Cellist and Ensembles

Aaron Gordon Music

The Real Jeff Bryant

Supersonic Hearts Band

1 deal

Violin for your Wedding

1 deal -10% Discount

Musical Occasions

Dave Hart Music

1 deal -15% Discount

March Hare Band

Jill Cooper

Itty Bitty Big Band

Blue Octopus Studio

1 deal -5% Discount

Shoshanna Godber - Celtic harp and voice


1 deal -20% Discount

On the Rocks Quartet

Grooveport Band

1 deal -5% Discount

Ryan Laird

1 deal -5% Discount

Stephen Scaccia - Wedding Singer

1 deal -15% Discount

Sandro Camerin - Guitarist


Pulse Radio Band

Queer As Funk

Antoinette's Music

1 deal -5% Discount

Local Motion

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Wedding Music in British Columbia by region

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