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Wedding Photography in Edmonton: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on photo packages that will capture the happiest and most timeless images of your life. Choose from a wide range of professional photography services offering single or multiple photographer coverage, standard or complete full day coverage with unlimited shots that visually tell the story of your wedding day.

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    Let's Reminisce Photography
    Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Let's Reminisce Photography is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in customized photography packages for weddings and other special moments in life. Chris has always had a passion for photos and memories, so becoming a photographer was his obvious lift path. He believes no special moment can... (wedding photographer Edmonton)

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    8 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Keemera works with the love-struck through the power of imagery to share and celebrate each couple's unique story. They are based in Edmonton, Alberta, but at the core of Keemera's heart you will find an explorer bubbling over with wanderlust -ready for any adventure! Whether you're getting hitched... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Accentuated Moments Photography
    9 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Accentuated Moments Photography is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in wedding photography and serving the Calgary area. They are two freelance photographers that specialize in capturing authentic moments from your emotionally-charged wedding. Each has a unique talent behind the lens, so... (wedding photographers Edmonton)

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    Michelle Larmand Photography
    7 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Michelle Larmand Photography aspires to find what is unique about each couple in order to show them just as they are and exhibit this authentic spirit in their spectacular photos. They want their photoshoots to be luminous and full of energy and love. They seek to find... (wedding photographer Edmonton)

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    Kristin Zabos Photography
    13 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Kristin Zabos Photography is an Edmonton-based business, but has a suitcase on standby for fun destinations. She specializes in a contemporary and photojournalistic style approach to wedding photography. Kristin is a friendly and professional photographer who enjoys capturing the best moments and... (wedding photographer Edmonton)

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    BDFK Photography
    30 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    B.D.F.K. Photography is a wedding photography company based out of Edmonton and servicing Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper and beyond. They specialize in a photojournalistic approach to capturing the joy of all the moments leading up to the wedding as well as the big day itself. The abundance of... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    jamie dimitry photography
    24 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    jamie dimitry photography is based in Edmonton, Alberta. This business specializes in contemporary, photojournalism, portraiture as well as traditional styles of photography. They are also open to covering destination weddings for future newlyweds. Jamie loves to capture eye catching and... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Pam Kriangkum Photography
    3 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, and also covering areas around Northern Alberta, Pam specializes in wedding photography. Travelling all around the world has given her wanderlust and she loves to travel, meet amazing and interesting people and authentically represent their stories in her... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Daphne Chen Photography
    Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Daphne Chen is an Edmonton, Alberta-based wedding photographer and videographer who is honored to have the opportunity to document the beautiful and precious moments of your special day. Daphne is adept in traditional, contemporary, portraiture, and photojournalism styles of photography. With her... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Kristina Felker Photography
    13 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Kristina Felker Photography is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in capturing the most beautiful and tender moments from your wedding celebration. They are great at making you feel comfortable during shooting. This creates the perfect environment for great photography, with your best... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Megan Kemshead Photography
    7 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Megan Kemshead Photography is an Edmonton-based company that provides photography services from Megan, a big fan of love, which makes her job pretty awesome! She likes to really get to know the couples she works with, learn about their story, and meet their friends and family so that she can portray... (wedding photography Edmonton)

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    Katlyn Jane Photography & Weddings
    5 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Katlyn Jane Photography & Weddings is an Edmonton-based photography service owned by Katlyn Jane. She is a professional wedding photographer, as well as, wedding coordinator who is passionate about her job. Although she is based in Edmonton, she is ready to pack her equipment and travel wherever you... (wedding photographer Edmonton)

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    Trish E. Photography
    12 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Trish E. Photography is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in natural lifestyle wedding photography. Trish likes to tell stories with her photographs in a very natural and beautiful way! You can always expect to have fun in a comfortable environment working with Trish! Experience Trish... (wedding photographer Edmonton)

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    Lindsey Parkin Photography
    1 Wedding Photography Edmonton (Alberta)

    Lindsey Parkin Photography is an Edmonton-based photographer that specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. Using professional equipment and having a highly creative vision, Lindsey Parkin Photography has achieved to get the most beautiful captions from weddings all across Alberta. She... (wedding photographers Edmonton)