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Wedding DJ in Edmonton: check prices, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding DJs in your area. Choose from disc jockeys and entertainers who will play weddings songs from a wide range of music genres to suit every taste and make sure your guests have a great time at your wedding reception.

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    Revolution Entertainment
    54 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Do you love to party? So does the professional team from Revolution Entertainment. Their large experience in the entertainment business combined with their reliability and impeccable customer service makes them an excellent choice for all those couples who really want their wedding day an... (wedding music Edmonton)

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    Allenhouse Wedding and Sound
    1 Wedding DJ Camrose (Alberta)

    Central Alberta's Allenhouse Wedding and Sound is the company dedicated to providing an exciting experience through their signature DJ services for weddings or any special event. They are the go-to party specialists that create the ambiance, provide the perfect music for all tastes that keep the... (wedding music Edmonton)

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    Divinity DJs
    83 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Are you looking for a DJ that's fun? One who knows how get people up and dancing and can make your event unique and different from the other weddings you have been to? Then you have come to the right place! Divinity DJs is an entertainment company serving Edmonton, and Vancouver that specializes in... (wedding dJs Edmonton)

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    Baseline DJ & Photo Booth Services
    22 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Baseline D.J. & Photo Booth Services is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in providing quality DJ services for weddings and other events that need a high caliber entertainment service. The team at Baseline believes that each booking needs to be customized for the specific client, not just... (reception music Edmonton)

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    Mystica Entertainment
    3 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Mystica Entertainment is located in Edmonton, Alberta and specializes in wedding DJ entertainment and nuptial planning. They bring 20 years of experience and will use the skills and knowledge they have gained to make sure your celebration is one to be remembered. They are dedicated to bringing the... (reception music Edmonton)

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    Equinox Sound & Entertainment
    68 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    With nearly two decades of experience as professional DJs, Equinox Sound and Entertainment is a highly regarded business located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The staff and subcontractors work with around 1,000 clients every year. They are well-known for their customer service, commitment to quality,... (reception music Edmonton)

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    Dave Shannon Music
    59 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Dave Shannon Music is proud to be one of only a few highly professional, well established and extremely well reviewed Edmonton heritage DJ companies with 50+ Wedding Wire reviews! They are the annual #1 choice for 100+ discerning and classy wedding couples. Can you think of anything more important... (wedding dJs Edmonton)

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    Grindstone Productions DJ & Photo Booth Services
    7 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Grindstone Productions is an Edmonton-based company founded by Chris Zard. With over 15 years of experience in the production industry, Chris has provided his exclusive services for over a thousand events in Alberta. He established this business over a decade ago with the main objective of offering... (wedding dJs Edmonton)

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    Rescue Beats Sound & Entertainment
    Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Rescue Beats Sound & Entertainment is a company that specializes in providing premier DJ and entertainment services for weddings and other special events. Owner Michael Howse has been operating this DJ business since 2014, providing full services for many types of... (reception music Edmonton)

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    Twilite Music Services
    1 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Twilite Music Services is a company that has been specializing in professional DJ services for more than 40 years. Their goal is make your celebration an unforgettable event, making it their top priority for the big day. They are members of the Better Business Bureau,... (wedding music Edmonton)

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    Deejay Hamada
    6 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Deejay Hamada is an Edmonton-based DJ that specializes in providing an ecclectical mix of music for your upcoming wedding or special event. Originally hailing from Morrocco, Deejay Hamada has a variety of musical influences spanning R&B, hip hop and pop music, and of course Arabic music. Check him... (reception music Edmonton)

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    DNA Music
    8 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    DNA Music is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in providing high quality DJ services for weddings and other special events. After the ceremony and reception comes the fun part, the party! If your wedding's music is boring and doesn't shift gears correctly, what you're left with is the... (wedding dJs Edmonton)

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    DJ Tomski
    1 Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Experience flawless music and entertainment on your special day with DJ Tomski. With an impeccable reputation, the business also boasts a lot of experience and professionalism. DJ Tomski is a full service DJ company located in Edmonton, Alberta that serves the entire area. The DJs behind the... (reception music Edmonton)

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    Exclusive DJ & MC
    Wedding DJ Edmonton (Alberta)

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Exclusive DJ & MC is a company that specializes in bringing the best music and entertainment to your wedding or special event. DJ Anarchon is the person responsible for bringing experienced and fun DJ services to your next celebration. With more than 50 weddings per... (wedding music Edmonton)