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Wedding DJ in Manitoba: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on wedding DJs in your area. Choose from a wide range of disc jockeys and entertainers who will play a wide range of music genres to suit every taste and make sure your guests keep have a great time at your wedding reception.

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    DJ Your Life
    Wedding DJ Ile des Chenes (Manitoba)

    DJ Your Life is a special occasions DJ, master of ceremonies, and reception planning service, passionate about providing you the best entertainment for your important celebrations. Newlyweds can take advantage of their customized services that are designed to create a dazzling ambiance and take away... (reception music Manitoba)

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    DCS Music Services
    7 Wedding DJ Grande Pointe (Manitoba)

    DCS Music Services is a Grand Pointe-based company that specializes in DJ services and entertainment for your upcoming wedding. President and founder Claude Saelens and his team have been providing great music packages with competitive pricing since 1999. They are licensed under the Canadian... (wedding dJs Manitoba)

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    Preemow Productions
    3 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Preemow Productions is a wedding DJ company based in Winnipeg. DJing isn't just about having a wide palette of musical choices to choose from and playing them at the right time and moment. It's about much more than that, and this company does its absolute best to sense what the crowd wants in order... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    Aime's Music Services
    4 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Aime's Music Services is a family-owned & operated wedding DJ business serving the Winnipeg area. Their professional services with a personalized approach will make your wedding or special event's entertainment really shine. Their team of DJs will rock your guests' socks off and make your special... (reception music Manitoba)

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    Serino Sound Music Services
    18 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Serino Sound Music Services is a full-service DJ and lighting company that specializes in wedding ceremonies & receptions - events that are elegant and classy yet are still fun for everyone. They love and do all types of weddings - small, large, same sex, etc. They also do wedding socials. With... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    DJ Sir Charles Music Services
    28 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    DJ Sir Charles Music Services is a DJ business that really knows how to feel the vibe of the crowd at weddings and other special events. Their aim is to provide excellent quality at the best value for every client he works with. With an emphasis on attention to detail, he will ensure your event will... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    6 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Just as it states in its name, the parties thrown at Supreme Entertainer aim to be supreme. The staff at Supreme Entertainer are well trained, certified entertainers who love to throw a party. After travelling and partying across Western Canada, the people at Supreme Entertainer know how to throw a... (wedding dJs Manitoba)

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    Big Sound & Light
    Wedding DJ Darlingford (Manitoba)

    Big Sound and Light, formally Mo Sound. We do one event per day to keep our focus, on your event. Cameron Holenski, Owner I have being a DJ since 1995, started out as a DJ for youth events, using 2 disc man, a Radio Shack mixer and some large home speakers. I started working for Mo Sound in 1998 and... (wedding dJs Manitoba)

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    Party Jockeys
    2 Wedding DJ Rivers (Manitoba)

    Owned by Travis Walker, and based out of Brandon, Manitoba, Party Jockeys offers incredible experiences that will help you cherish the beautiful, and fun moments at your wedding. This small company provides the best DJ services in the Southwestern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan areas, and... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    Expressions Entertainment
    Wedding DJ Brandon (Manitoba)

    Expressions Entertainment offers couples the most entertaining wedding that they can dream of. The business dedicates itself to providing a fun filled and memorable wedding. Expressions Entertainment provides DJ services, music, coordination, and direction for events. The business provides a wide... (reception music Manitoba)

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    Beef's D.J. Service
    7 Wedding DJ Holland (Manitoba)

    Beef's DJ Service is a professional mobile DJ and master of ceremonies all rolled into one! Based in the Southern Manitoba area, the team is committed to making sure the guests at your upcoming wedding or special event dance the night away and have the time of their lives. Their motto is to create... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    Uncannee Productions
    Wedding DJ Winkler (Manitoba)

    Regardless of your celebration or the stage of your wedding, Uncannee Productions are professionals who will cater for all of the audio and visual entertainment needs throughout the day with professionalism and enthusiasm. With their state of the art equipment and expertise in dealing with all sized... (wedding music Manitoba)

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    Nu Frequency Music & Media
    2 Wedding DJ Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Nu Frequency Music & Media offers a one stop shop service for clients looking for a fun wedding reception. Based in Winnipeg, Ontario, the liability insured business has developed a reputation for providing excellent service alongside some fun beats. The company has over fifteen years of experience... (reception music Manitoba)

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    Trident Music Services
    Wedding DJ Brandon (Manitoba)

    Trident Music Services pride themselves on being different than any other DJ company. They are passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what they’re about. They’re always looking to do more– to create, to innovate, and to show how technology, when used with talent, allows us to change... (reception music Manitoba)