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    Beautiful Life Studios
    48 Wedding Videography

    Beautiful Life Studios is a Toronto-based company that specializes in wedding videography that creates art with every shot of the camera. Every treasured moment will be captured to present a wedding film you will be delighted with. The talented team at BLS are committed to making sure you get... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Life Studios
    52 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Life Studios is a company that specializes in professional videography services for weddings that create films with a creative style and cinematic approach. The team at Life Studios treats every production with the utmost passion and keen eye for the details... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    In Between Dreams
    4 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    In Between Dreams is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing high quality videography services for brides and grooms who are getting married. As each couple and wedding is unique, so are the visual stories behind the love they share. By combining the beauty of nature with short form,... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Astral Images
    6 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Astral Images is a Vancouver-based videography company. Specializing in creative imagery and storytelling style of shooting. With Astral Images, every detail counts; not only will they highlight you and your partner but they will make sure that everything and every member that forms part of your... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Fake Honey Weddings
    3 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Fake Honey Weddings is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in telling beautiful love stories through their extraordinary wedding films. This company was created by two documentary filmmakers who have a wealth of experience in shooting the most emotional and special moments from your big day.... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Velour Productions
    3 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Velour Productions, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a videography provider that specializes in weddings. The company is experienced in producing storytelling, documentary, short-form, and cinematic-style films for its clients. Velour Productions aims to provide quality videos and photos... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Capture Productions
    3 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Capture Productions is from Vancouver, British Columbia and is run by two cinematographers Jacob and Simon. The team creates imagery that completely takes advantage of natural lighting and uses a variety of shot techniques. The style can be described as a mix of storytelling and cinematic. The... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Original Image Videography
    Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Original Image Videography is a company that specializes in affordable wedding videography services for couples who want quality without the hefty price tag. The team combines storytelling, documentary, traditional, short form and cinematic styles of shooting... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    VanWeddings Cinematography & Photography
    7 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    You don't forget our work. VanWeddings is a world-class and award-winning wedding videography and wedding photography company. Drawing inspiration from major motion pictures, our top notch team of wedding videographers and wedding photographers have crafted a signature VanWeddings style of truly... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Red Muse Wedding Studio
    1 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Welcome to RED MUSE! Every couple that we work with has to meet with us prior to the date. It's not all business all the time, we need to know your story. We give you a simple questionnaire to fill out prior to meeting and ask you about your love story. We do this because we want to get to know you,... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    After Dance Media
    2 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Here at After Dance we believe that having fun, being edgy, and a consistence drive for creativity are all essentials for creating our unique cinematic videos. Our videos come from the heart, and In 10 years from your wedding day when you rewatch your videos, isn't that what matters most? (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Glimmer Films
    47 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Glimmer Films is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in cinematic-style wedding videography for soon-to-be-married couples. With GF you can expect a final product delivered with the highest level of editing and production in the area. Owner and creative director Corey Ogilvie established... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Dynamic Weddings
    9 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Dynamic Weddings is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing professional videography services for your wedding or next event. Their personalized services cover more than just videography. You will be guaranteed big savings by going with more services without compromising on quality... (Wedding Videography Vancouver)

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    Eisen Productions
    Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Eisen Productions provides videography and photography services for personal and corporate projects that will fit any budget. (Wedding Videography Vancouver)