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Photobooth in Alberta: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on photo booths that will give your guests that fun, automated experience of taking a series of photographs behind a booth's curtain at the sound of a buzzer or when a red light appears signaling the shutter's start. A variety of hats and props can be used to enhace the experiece of having a few minutes to take photos that are always fun, original and creative.

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    Cameo Photo Booths
    4 Photobooth Edmonton (Alberta)

    Cameo Photo Booths is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in amusing photobooth services for weddings and other special events. If you are searching for quality entertainment for your next event, a fun photobooth hire can be the solution since the fun snapshots and photostrips your guests... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Revolution Entertainment
    Photobooth Edmonton (Alberta)

    Revolution Entertainment is an Edmonton-based company that also specializes in photobooth services for weddings and other special events. If you love to party, the photobooths offered by this company will be a fun-filled addition to your upcoming event. Your guests will have a grand time trying on... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Karma Photo Booths
    2 Photobooth Sherwood Park (Alberta)

    Karma Photo Booth Services is a Sherwood Park-based company that specializes in bringing out the quirky, fun side of people through its premier photobooth services. They guarantee a memorable experience and they are also great at giving back. For each booking received, they will donate 5% to the... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Flashworks Photobooth
    3 Photobooth Edmonton (Alberta)

    Flashworks Photobooth comprises of three important factors: professional staff, impeccable service and high quality equipment. Right from the beginning, you will notice that the Flashworks Photobooth team stands out from the crowd. By mixing their unique sense of practicality with a flair for... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    On-The-Spot Photo Booth
    Photobooth Drayton Valley (Alberta)

    Step out of the box and into the fun with On-The-Spot Photo Booth Services. We are a full service photo booth including an on site studio, wide array of unique props professional photographers and on site professional prints. Prefect guest favor for your wedding, memory makers and entertainment for... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Hip Image
    Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Hip Image is a Calgary-based business that specializes in providing photobooth services that can add charm and fun to any wedding or event. This isn't your run-of-the-mill photobooth, this is a vintage 1972 Volkswagen van that can be customized to match your wedding theme. Having a boho chic wedding... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    2 Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Xpressbooth is a photo booth rental company based in Calgary, Alberta. We offer 2 custom layout designs (any 4x6 postcard or double strip configuration), 32 high-end photography backdrop choices, 10-second instant printing, tons of fun props, and an elegant Hollywood-style setup for your event. We... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Fotohouse Photobooth Rentals
    Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Creative Fun Lovely Entertaining Witty Exciting Silly Delightful Hilarious PlayfulAmusing Engaging Sparkling Laughing Dancing Dreaming Cheerful Daring Festive Upbeat JoyfulPleasant Lively Smart Professional Funky Unique Cute Wacky Dynamic Awesome... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Pose & Pucker Photobooth
    1 Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Prose & Pucker Photobooth is Calgary’s premier photo booth rental. This company has a love for photography, and caters to weddings and other special events. You can get a package deal renting the Pose & Pucker Photobooth, with unlimited print layouts, and choice backdrops. This company serves the... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    So Slow!
    Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    So Slow! is a Calgary-based company that specializes in providing high quality slow motion video and photo booths that offer an entertaining addition to weddings and other special events. These booths offer a unique way for your wedding guests to mingle, have tons of fun and take home a lovely... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    1 Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    VIPbooth offers photobooth rentals for special events such as weddings, corporate functions birthdays, graduations, community events, festivals and more. They can provide several photobooths along with experienced staff. They are passionate about high quality service and are constantly updating... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    QuickFire Photobooths
    Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    This is the most affordable photobooth in the Calgary, Alberta area. QuickFire Photobooths offers a variety of options to fit your budget, and are flexible about how long you wish to rent a photobooth for your wedding. This company offers simple options that fit your needs and your plans for your... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    Rebooth Entertainment Inc
    2 Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Our photo booths are the perfect addition to any special event - weddings, birthdays, bridal shower, corporate events, product launches, advertising, proms, graduation parties, baby shower, and many more. Planning a party? We'll provide the fun factor! So what makes us different from the traditional... (Photobooth Alberta)

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    On The Mark Photobomb
    1 Photobooth Red Deer (Alberta)

    On The Mark Photobomb is a Red Deer-based company that specializes in providing photobooth rentals for weddings and special events across Central Alberta. If you're having a themed wedding, the photobooth experience provided by On The Mark is ideal because their services include theme packs of... (Photobooth Alberta)