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Spring brides! What are your wedding colours?

Lynnie, on 15/March/2019 at 13:05 Posted in Before the wedding

What colours are you using for your spring wedding? Are you drawn to neutral and pastel palettes, or are you planning lots of pops of colour?

Spring brides! What are your wedding colours? 1

Photo from Sheer Floral and Silk in Kamloops, BC



  • Sheri-Lyn
    Curious May 2020 Ontario
    Sheri-Lyn ·

    Burgundy with some blue, the bridesmaids are wearing burgundy dresses and the guys are wearing blue suits. The flowers will be light colours to match the burgundy with some blue and greenery and eucalyptus.

  • Autumn
    Beginner May 2019 British Columbia
    Autumn ·

    I commented on this a while ago and figured I would post a picture on how mismatched dresses turned out!

    mismatched dressesSpring brides! What are your wedding colours? 2

  • Felicia
    Newbie April 2020 Ontario
    Felicia ·
    Steal blue, ivory, gold decor and lots of greenery!
  • A
    Frequent user June 2019 Ontario
    Allyson ·
    My moh is wearing a beautiful navy blue dress with lace and some small silver rhinestones sprinkled through out the lace.
  • Kathleen
    Beginner May 2019 British Columbia
    Kathleen ·
    Various shades of purples. It's our favorite color.
  • Allen
    Devoted April 2019 Ontario
    Allen ·
    Blush and gold with a tiny bit of mint
  • Alysha
    Newbie May 2020 Ontario
    Alysha ·

    I think I'm doing a lot of white, with accents of a light dusty blue and black hints, with some greenery! Anyone else on the dusty blue boat for spring?

  • D
    Newbie May 2020 Ontario
    Denyse ·
    Dusty rose (pink) and greenery with a little white. Very simple
  • K
    Newbie May 2019 Alberta
    Kari ·
    Purple and charcoal ☺️
  • Nicole
    Newbie May 2020 Ontario
    Nicole ·
    We're doing hunter green, white and grey. With hints of blush in the flowers and natural elements (such as wood) throughout the decor.
  • Christ
    Newbie May 2020 Quebec
    Christ ·
    Going for sage green, white and grey. 🌿😍
  • Emma
    Beginner May 2019 Ontario
    Emma ·

    Blush Pink, Green, and White! Our sugar bush location also has lots of wood accents!

  • Kaisha
    Super March 2019 Nova Scotia
    Kaisha ·

    We got married March 16th so not technically spring, there is still snow in some of the pictures. Our colours were Lilac and plum though with green and white elements.

  • Mark
    Newbie May 2020 Ontario
    Mark ·

    Blush pink and burgundy with lots of greenery and gold accents

  • Koryn
    Beginner May 2020 British Columbia
    Koryn ·
    My wedding colors are blue, ivory and gold in honor of the goddess Frigga ,Odin's wife who is the goddess of love and marriage, matches my Viking wedding with English charm perfectly! 😊
  • Angela
    Newbie May 2019 Ontario
    Angela ·

    My bridesmaids dresses are a sage green and my flowers are light and dark purple, light pink, white with lots of greenery. Tables are gonna have dark green tablecloths and the head table will be white and gold

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