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Spring brides! What are your wedding colours?

Lynnie, on 15/March/2019 at 13:05 Posted in Before the wedding

What colours are you using for your spring wedding? Are you drawn to neutral and pastel palettes, or are you planning lots of pops of colour?

Spring brides! What are your wedding colours? 1

Photo from Sheer Floral and Silk in Kamloops, BC



  • Angela
    Newbie May 2019 Ontario
    Angela ·

    My bridesmaids dresses are a sage green and my flowers are light and dark purple, light pink, white with lots of greenery. Tables are gonna have dark green tablecloths and the head table will be white and gold

  • Robyn
    Newbie May 2020 British Columbia
    Robyn ·

    Purples and greens but how to actually apply the colours TBD.... plum, lavender, sage, eucalyptus with gold/neutral accents

  • C
    Newbie May 2019 Ontario
    Caroline ·
    Royal and dark purple with sparkly gold accents. (No plum or eggplant) the right purple is hard to find... thankfully I only have 1 lady to put into a dress, the men are wearing black suits with lighter purple shirt and royal purple ties. My dress is champagne so the gold fits perfectly!!!
  • Michelle
    Newbie April 2019 Ontario
    Michelle ·

    Bridesmaids are wearing mint green. we are having a spring colour palette at the venue so blush pinks, gold, ivory, champagne, yellows.

  • Ginny
    Newbie May 2019 New Brunswick
    Ginny ·
    White, blush pink... the bridesmaids are wearing different shades of pastel! May 19, 2019 is the big day!!
  • Jenn
    Curious April 2019 Saskatchewan
    Jenn ·
    Ivory and rose gold. Lots of gold out there!
  • Lauren
    Newbie June 2019 Ontario
    Lauren ·
    Plum, ivory/whites, greens, gold
  • Kassandra
    Curious May 2020 Alberta
    Kassandra ·
    Ruby Red, Navy Blue, and Forest Green
  • V
    Newbie May 2019 Quebec
    Virginie ·

    Blush, Ivory, sage

  • H
    Newbie June 2020 Ontario
    Heloisa ·
    White, dusty rose, navy blue and gold details 💕
  • Ginny
    Beginner June 2019 Nova Scotia
    Ginny ·

    Lavender, Navy Blue and Grey. Bridesmaids in lavender, guys in Navy suits and grey suits. Purple accents through our reception decor

  • Holly
    Newbie May 2019 Ontario
    Holly ·
    Pearl pink & pale blue
  • Allison
    Newbie March 2020 Alberta
    Allison ·
    Tardis blue and gold!
  • Jessica
    Newbie June 2019 Manitoba
    Jessica ·
    Navy Blue & Blush Pink with Gold accents.
  • Nancy
    Newbie June 2019 Alberta
    Nancy ·

    I am using eggplant, darker purple with Silver. They are so beautiful together.

  • Stephanie
    Newbie May 2019 Nova Scotia
    Stephanie ·

    I have a theme not a color, my theme is Beauty and the Beast, so the colors are Navy Blue, Gold and pops of Red.

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