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Wedding accessories in Vancouver: check prices, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding accessories to complete your look. Choose from our listing of specialized retailers that offer a wonderful assortment of headpieces, tiaras, headbands, veils, jewellery and much more.

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    Alice Hart Couture Millinery
    6 Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Alice Hart Couture Millinery is a company that specializes in creating beautiful wedding accessories. Every hat and design is bespoke and she is willing to custom design a hat to suit the client’s needs. She takes pride in her designs and only uses the highest... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    The Borrowed Collection
    4 Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    We are Canada's premier wedding jewelry rental site; offering brides a carefully curated selection of stylish bridal jewelry and accessories, including veils, belts and sashes, and hair accessories. Here at The Borrowed Collection, it's the joy of marrying one's true love that inspires us. The walk... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    Lace Embrace Atelier
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    To those who desire an elegant figure, we offer our corsets as the unequaled expression of this elusive form with individual corsetry. With the many variations of the human form, no number of stock styles or sizes could meet all requirements. Each figure compels personal attention that can only be... (wedding accessory Vancouver)

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    Davie & Chiyo
    52 Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Sisters Fumi and Himi started the company, Davie & Chiyo, based in Vancouver, in 2008. Since then, the staff has grown to offer brides creative, delicate and beautiful pieces, using as much local materials as possible. With lush silk, decadent beading, airy chiffon and delicate lace you will feel... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    Caroline Calvert
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Caroline Calvert is an eco-friendly jewellery designer who specializes in creating beautiful pieces of wearable art that is inspired by nature. Caroline creates all her accessories out of her home studio and is always adding new designs to her online... (wedding accessory Vancouver)

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    Melanie Auld
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Melanie Auld is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in creating inspirational jewellery and with pieces that are truly unique. These pieces can be used as beautiful wedding accessories that can even be mixed and matched to create a unique bridal look. Who says bridal accessories have to be... (wedding accessory Vancouver)

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    Jeweliette Jewellery
    6 Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, Jeweliette Jewellery is an intimate atelier for brides wanting sparkling designer jewellery. Having all things shiny as their speciality, brides who want to add some claim to their wedding look can find a wide variety of pieces. Along with a wide selection pieces from known... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    Sleepy Moon Design
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Few terrestial objects capture the glow and beauty of the moon the way that gemstones do. At Sleepy Moon Design, you will find jewellery that reflects your unique personality and sense of style with simple, detail-oriented designs. Precious stones and sterling silver will complement the wedding day... (wedding accessory Vancouver)

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    PrettyFeet by AnnaLee Designs
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    PrettyFeet by AnnaLee Designs is a Vancouver-based business that creates elegant and charming foot jewellery and accessories. Designer, Elle-Dee was inspired to create these pieces after seeing simple beach sandals and wanted to produce something that was beautiful yet less tropical. She has a... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    Clutch Jewels
    1 Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Clutch Jewels is an online jewelry store based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a vast catalogue of jewellery and can also make custom pieces for weddings and other special occasions. Their goal is to provide brides with beautiful, elegant jewelry to help them achieve the look of their... (wedding accessory Vancouver)

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    olive + piper
    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Olive + Piper is an online boutique that offers that latest in sparkly jewelry for brides. The business only curates pieces that give you a pep in your step, alongside making you do a double take in the mirror. Brides can have a guilty pleasure moment that brides fall in love with, without breaking... (wedding accessories Vancouver)

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    Wedding Accessories Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Olivia is all about the details in providing brides with accessories. Sandra helps accentuate the essence of the brand and focuses on head, toes, and intimates. This company allows brides to lead towards the styles and designs that they want, with the... (wedding accessories Vancouver)