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Photobooth in New Brunswick: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on photo booths that will give your guests that fun, automated experience of taking a series of photographs behind a booth's curtain at the sound of a buzzer or when a red light appears signaling the shutter's start. A variety of hats and props can be used to enhace the experiece of having a few minutes to take photos that are always fun, original and creative.

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    KlikPics PhotoBooth
    17 Photobooth Fredericton (New Brunswick)

    Introducing KlikPics Photobooth; New Brunswick's newest and ultimate addition to your Wedding Reception, Corporate function, or charity event! Make your reception or event truly different with the KlikPics PhotoBooth! Guests will enter a “real” booth (up to 6 people …maybe more) where they will be... (Photobooth New Brunswick)

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    iBooth Party Photobooth
    Photobooth Fredericton (New Brunswick)

    It's not just a satisfaction and creating life memories" iBooth Party Photobooth offers a highly interactive photobooth experience that takes a traditional photobooth to an entirely new level. With its minimalist design we offer flexibility in terms of the number of people it can... (Photobooth New Brunswick)

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    Picture That Photobooth
    Photobooth Pembroke (New Brunswick)

    Still the hottest trend in wedding fun is adding a photo booth to the reception. When it comes to a wedding what most couples want is for their guests to have an unforgettable time and that is why photo booths have exploding in popularity…they are so much fun! Your guests will love the bright,... (Photobooth New Brunswick)

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