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Winners of the WeddingWire contest

  • 7th Edition - August 2017 Mallory & Pat

    "We are beyond grateful to have been so lucky!"

    I couldn't believe when I received the call from Diane telling us we were the winners of the WeddingWire Canada Contest! When I told Pat he was just as shocked as I was. Like the other couples, we had never won anything like this before! We actually got married this past summer on July 28th, at the Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket. It was absolutely beautiful and the most perfect day! Since weddings are obviously very costly Pat and I decided to postpone our honeymoon to later in the year in order to save up some money! The $1000 prize money is going to help so much in planning our honeymoon and first adventure together as husband and wife. Thank you so much WeddingWire Canada for the amazing gift and for all your help in planning our wedding day! We are beyond grateful to have been so lucky!

  • 6th Edition - July 2017 Katie & Hector

    "The $1,000 prize is going to help us quite a bit"

    When Hector and I found out we had won, we were taken aback! It definitely was not the call we were expecting that day given our 8 lb chihuahua decided to fight a skunk shortly before the call. Our wedding will be taking place at The Doctor's House in Kleinburg. My uncle - who is my father's brother - generously fronted that bill for us in place of my father who passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago. We're having the wedding on October 20th which is my late father's birthday - I couldn't think of any better way to pay homage to him. The $1,000 prize is going to help us quite a bit with tying up loose ends. We plan on using the money to purchase our wedding bands, as well as a nice gift for my uncle without whom Hector and I would not be having the wedding I always dreamed of.

  • 5th Edition - June 2017 Valerie & Adam

    "We're so very thankful that we got picked."

    We were very surprised to hear that we won, but as soon as I heard Diane say she was from WeddingWire, I had a good idea what the call was about. This is one of the biggest things either of us have ever won and we're so very thankful that it was Adam and I that got picked. We will probably put the money towards the venue, as that's where the majority of expenses are for us. Thanks WeddingWire!

  • 4th Edition - May 2017 Kirsten & Nathan

    "We are beyond thankful and appreciative."

    When I received Diane's voicemail from WeddingWire to call her back, I was shaking! When I heard that Nathan and I won, I was over the moon with excitement and happiness. I called Nathan immediately after to tell him the news and he couldn't believe we actually won. We both have never won anything and we are beyond thankful and appreciative of the money that will pay for our Officiant and Flowers for our big day on July 14, 2018. Thank you WeddingWire Canada for making our year and being a part of our day!

  • 3rd Edition - April 2017 Tracy & Michael

    "My fiancé and I are super excited and grateful."

    This was something so unexpected to hear. I got a phone call from Diane telling me that I won the $1,000 contest. I’ve never won anything before. My fiancé and I are super excited and grateful. We've been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years and we're getting married back in my hometown in Montreal next year in September 2018. Thank you WeddingWire Canada, this is the best gift ever! We plan on using some of the money towards gifts for our bridal party and for our honeymoon.

  • 2nd Edition - March 2017 Daykota & Brandon

    "This is so exciting and we are beyond grateful."

    When I listened to my voicemail that we had won the contest my jaw hit the floor! I have never won a contest before, I was shocked. I immediately called Diane and she told me the great news! This is so exciting and we are beyond grateful. We have a small budget and this is a huge help for us! Our wedding will be held on the lake and we are renting a lakefront cottage for the weekend as we live 2.5 hours away from our venue. We plan on using the majority of the money for accommodation, and the rest will go towards the gifts to our bridesmaids and groomsmen! They deserve to be spoiled too! J Thank you so much WeddingWire Canada! You guys are amazing and your app has been very helpful!

  • 1st Edition - February 2017 Kimberley and Chris

    "This is the best gift ever!"

    I was so excited to hear from Emilie that we had won! We never win anything. When I called my fiancé to tell him we had won his response was "are you sh**ing me!" This is the best gift ever! We have decided we are going to add a few days to our honeymoon so we can go to Ontario and visit my fiancé's family that are unable to attend the wedding. Thank you WeddingWire Canada!

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    8th Edition

    The contest will take place on the 3 of October, 2017

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