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WeddingWire contest winners

  • Alexa
    55th Edition - August 2021 Alexa & Josh

    "We are so grateful and thankful!"

    We were both at work when we found out we had won $1000. To say we are excited is an understatement. While in the middle of planning our perfect day, we decided to buy a house! Winning this money has made both of our days and gives our wedding budget a nice little boost to pay for part of the honeymoon we weren’t sure we’d be able to go on.

  • Chenice
    54th Edition - July 2021 Chenice & Allie

    "We're so excited to win this!"

    When we found out we had won $1000 for our wedding we both were totally shocked! Having some extra money for our big day will definitely help us balance the budget - and it’s going to make buying outfits that make us both feel our best a lot easier!

  • Karyn
    53rd Edition - June 2021 Karyn & Mark

    "We are so grateful for this wonderful surprise."

    My fiancé Mark can attest that I’m terrible at picking up my phone so when the call came while I was at work, it was a stroke of luck that I answered. I was in disbelief and also so excited that I won the contest. I messaged Mark immediately who was just as thrilled as I was. Like many couples, COVID has caused a lot of uncertainty in our wedding planning. With a smaller wedding in mind, we didn’t leave much room in our budget for decorations but now we’ll be putting this prize money into some flowers and cake to make our day a little more beautiful and sweet. Thank you, WeddingWire for brightening our day and making the wedding planning during this time so much easier.

  • Lauren
    52nd Edition - May 2021 Lauren & Mark

    "Thank you, WeddingWire for this opportunity. We couldn’t be more thrilled!"

    In brief, shock, awe and excitement best describe the emotions I experienced upon receiving the voice message announcing that Mark and I had won the 52nd edition of the WeddingWire contest! Navigating the wedding planning process during this Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge, to say the least. We had initially planned to be married in September 2020; however, opted to extend our date to May 8, 2021, due to the first wave of the pandemic. We decided earlier on in the year that we would stick with our alternate date no matter the circumstances. And we certainly faced multiple and changing circumstances, including the third wave of the pandemic, lockdowns, travel restrictions, and a significantly reduced guest capacity. Still, we persevered and were able to celebrate at a phenomenal venue with some of our nearest and dearest, while other family and friends were able to attend virtually. WeddingWire has been a wonderful resource throughout this process as we were able to locate local vendors, including our venue at the Nestleton Waters Inn, who turned our modified Covid wedding into an amazing experience. We have had to delay our honeymoon and plan to use the $1000 prize towards a much-needed getaway following the pandemic.

  • Laura
    51st Edition - April 2021 Laura & Andrew

    "This is beyond amazing! Thank you so much!"

    We couldn't be happier! This was by far the best voicemail I've ever gotten while working! Andrew and I got married on April 3, 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Planning a wedding is hard enough but planning when public health rules change on a weekly basis is a whole other level of challenge. Originally half of our guests were going to be coming from Western Canada, but with travel restrictions and capacity limits, we ended up having a very small ceremony and no reception. In fact, we had to cut our (already small) guest list in half less than 48 hours before the wedding as a new lockdown came into effect that same day. Once we are able to safely travel, we plan to head west so we can celebrate with Andrew's family and so many of our friends that couldn't join us on our special day. Winning this $1000 is such a blessing and will be used to help us have a reception in the Prairies! Thank you, WeddingWire, for helping me plan the wedding, find some of the most amazing local vendors, and take part in this contest!

  • Angela
    50th Edition - March 2021 Angela & Karsen

    "We are beyond thankful for this generous gift from WeddingWire."

    I got a call earlier in the day from a phone number I wasn't too familiar with and I was working, so I did not answer the phone. This Friday turned into the busiest Friday and I didn't get around to listening to my voicemails until the late evening. When I listened to my voicemail from WeddingWire stating that I had won the $1,000.00 towards your wedding contest, I was beyond thrilled!! I started shouting OMG OMG OMG and my fiance was like "what is happening right now" and I started jumping up and down saying "WE WON $1000 FOR OUR WEDDING OMG YES THIS IS THE BEST NEWS AHHH I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE THIS!!" He then got really excited as well, it was such an awesome moment for us to share. This will for sure go down in our awesome memories together through this wedding planning process. We are so excited to put this money towards paying for our photographer and violinist (our biggest wedding bills to pay lol). This really saves us a lot of stress and worries about saving up the money in time, due to our wedding being nearly 4 months away. This is so incredible, we are so blessed - thank you so much WeddingWire!!!

  • Samantha
    49th Edition - February 2021 Samantha & Jake

    "We still cannot believe that we won!"

    Jake and I have been engaged for more than two-years and have been working very hard to get to the point where we can afford to have our dream wedding. Even still, we have had to make sacrifices. When I found out that we would be receiving this gift, I was ecstatic! I actually started jumping up and down with excitement. I cannot wait to use this money to splurge on ourselves – something we never do. Thank you WeddingWire for helping us get that much closer to planning the best day (and New Years Eve) of our lives.

  • Maria
    48th Edition - January 2021 Maria & Tyler

    "We truly can not thank you enough."

    For the couple who NEVER wins ANYTHING, this was definitely the most exciting surprise!!! I was at work when I found out that we had won $1000 and I immediately called (and woke up) my future hubby to share the great news. We have both been trying to save every extra dollar for our dream wedding and this money will only help get us closer to our vision for the big day. Thank you WeddingWire for this amazing gift. We feel so overwhelmingly lucky and grateful to receive this generous prize while planning and paying for such an important event in our lives.

  • Miriah
    47th Edition - December 2020 Miriah & Chadwick

    "We thank you so much for the generosity!"

    Thank you so much WeddingWire for this amazing news (great way to start off 2021, am I right?!). Chad and I couldn't believe our luck when we got the phone call that we had won the $1000. As we all know when planning, there are hidden charges, taxes and markups. With one of us still in school, we are beyond excited to use this money towards our wedding bills. We will be adding this beautiful gift onto our flower fund for that dreamy flower-filled wedding arch I’ve been dying to have! WeddingWIre has everything—from organizing (budget and floor plans) to making it easy and enjoyable to find/contact vendors.

  • Brittany
    46th Edition - November 2020 Brittany & Sean

    "We are so overjoyed and thrilled to win something so exciting!"

    When I got home from work, I noticed I had a voicemail from a Toronto number and randomly decided to put my phone on speaker while the message played. Sean and I couldn't believe it when we heard we were the winners of $1000 ! Sean and I immediately started to do a happy dance in the kitchen and our doggo, Pym, joined in on our dance party. We are so overjoyed and thrilled to win something so exciting! Covid had an impact on our original wedding plans in Wales, and with some lost deposits, this money helps us recover our original costs. We can't wait to put it towards our amazing photographer, Mike Hopkins, to capture memories that will last us a lifetime (and let's be real, mostly so we can show our future grandkids we were young and good looking once). Winning this contest has us so excited to continue planning for a celebration with all of our friends and family next year (we hope!). Wedding Wire has been so helpful in our planning and has connected us with so many wonderful Calgary vendors we wouldn't have heard about otherwise. Thank you, WeddingWire!

  • Laura
    45th Edition - October 2020 Laura & Roger

    "Thank you WeddingWire for helping me plan our wedding and giving us some extra funds to make it that much more special!"

    I was scrolling through my emails right before a meeting with a work colleague when I saw that Roger and I had won $1,000 towards our wedding. I was so excited, I blurted out "We won! We won!". Needless to say, my colleague was ecstatic for me and we exchanged a 'socially distanced' high five through our computer screens. When I got home, I shared the news with Roger who was able to celebrate with me through a real high five... and a kiss and a hug too! Planning a wedding through a pandemic has been a challenge. In our effort to respect Covid guidelines and still have a fabulous day we've had to think outside the box. This money will definitely help us as we've planned three separate events - the ceremony for our immediate family and close circle, an intimate outdoor gathering for my side of the family and the same for Roger's side who live five hours away from us.

  • Daniela
    44th Edition - September 2020 Daniela & Tyler

    "This surprise could have not come at a better time!"

    I was walking when I saw the e-mail and got so excited, I was trying hard not to do a happy dance in the middle of the street. I was in disbelief, like many, you don’t think you can ever win something like this. My husband (still not used to saying this!) was at the gym so I waited until we were both home to tell him in person. When we got home, we started cooking and I said oh look at this. He read it quickly and immediately picked me up and spun me around in the kitchen because he was so happy. Wedding planning stopped being fun as soon as we realized our original wedding date could not happen due to COVID. We had to postpone and deal with so much anxiety and uncertainty, but luckily after 10 years together we were able to get married almost two weeks ago! It was PERFECT. This surprise makes up a bit for the bad times we had in this crazy 2020 year. We are finalizing our finances post-wedding and just moved to Toronto so we are budgeting for our future together like buying a house, and this surprise could have not come at a better time! Thank you WeddingWire Canada for being a HUGE resource to many couples during the planning process! We are very grateful for it.

  • Kelly-Anne
    43rd Edition - August 2020 Kelly-Anne & Nicholas

    "We are thrilled! Thank you WeddingWire!"

    I was so excited when I got the call that Nick and I had won! Never in a million years did we think that we would win. We are so grateful to WeddingWire, as it’s been incredibly helpful finding vendors that connect with us as a couple, and also fit within our budget. With everything going on in the world, we have been keeping a very close eye on our finances when it comes to planning, and this wonderful surprise has opened up more opportunity for us to have the wedding of our dreams. We are going to put the money towards our photography, so that when we look back in 10, 20, or 50 years all the memories will be as fresh and magical as we hope our wedding day is next summer!

  • Allysia
    42nd Edition - July 2020 Allysia & Lance

    "When I heard we won this contest, I was ecstatic!"

    After a long-winded wedding planning process, our dreams became a reality on our original wedding date, July 4th. While a little unorthodox, we were able to still have a beautiful outside ceremony and a close-to-normal reception at a local restaurant, with our night ending at our home in Regina. We had an absolutely wonderful day and it was everything we had dreamt of while wedding planning, with a few less people. When I heard we won this contest, I was ecstatic! We have had several firsts this year including, getting married, getting pregnant, buying a house, etc. All of these expensive, yet exciting, things happening all at once! This money will go towards preparing our nursery for our little one that will come in November 2020. We are thrilled to have been a part of the contest and appreciate WeddingWire for being the main wedding planning component throughout these unsure times. Thank you WeddingWire!!

  • Maria
    41st Edition - June 2020 Maria & Alvaro

    "Thank you WeddingWire for your support and generosity!"

    We are so excited to be the next winners! I got the phone call during a virtual meeting from work and could not believe it!! I had to wait for the meeting to be over to share the amazing news with my fiancé! Longest meeting ever hahaha. Our wedding planning has been so fun and stress free thanks to WeddingWire. I love their website and their contest even more. We will be putting the money towards my dress since that was the winning ticket ;) Thank you WeddingWire we are thrilled!!

  • Yhar Cm
    40th Edition - May 2020 Yharlien & Maciej

    "Thank you for the help, WeddingWire!"

    When we first heard the news we were really surprised and couldn’t believe it. Yhar has been stuck working from home for the last couple of months, things have been challenging lately, and this truly has made us both very happy. We will put the money towards the cost of our venue.

  • Hilary
    39th Edition - April 2020 Hil & John

    "Thank you for this amazing $1000 prize!"

    When I first received the call that we won the $1000 I couldn’t believe it, we have never won any contest we enter! We were so excited for some positive news after having to postpone our wedding due to the pandemic. We still have a few outstanding wedding bills that need to be paid and this $1000 will go a long way for whenever we do get married. We just want to thank the wonderful people at WeddingWire so much for making our planning easy and now for this amazing financial help as well!

  • Nicole
    38th Edition - March 2020 Nicole & Sandy

    "Thank you WeddingWire. We’re still in shock!"

    Omg! We are planning a wedding for August in a pandemic! With limited resources open, being unable to meet in person with vendors and myself currently unable to work, you can imagine how elated we were to hear the great news we won $1,000 towards our wedding! WeddingWire has given us the resources to be able to connect with the vendors while keeping us up to date on where we should be in our planning. We’re going to use the money towards the venue at the amazing Dundee Resort and Golf Club, which we had found through WeddingWire. We’d like to thank WeddingWire as well as Dundee Resort and Golf Club for validating us and being able to win this fantastic prize!

  • Alicia
    37th Edition - February 2020 Alicia & Johnny

    "We are so excited to win this contest!"

    Our wedding has become more expensive than we anticipated as everything adds up. We have to put down the deposit for the flowers this week and will be using this money. We never win anything- as I’m sure the majority of people can relate. Using WeddingWire has been such a blessing, as my fiancé can attest organization is important to me and this website has it all. As we have looked into vendors we encourage them to sign up on the website if they aren’t already. I would recommend this site to anyone who is engaged not only because we won but because this website creates ease in planning and ensures nothing is missed. I have been able to relax and enjoy planning since signing up for this website as I have full confidence it reminds me what I need to do and when. Thank you WeddingWire for your hard work creating this site and thank you for the cash!

  • Marcie
    36th Edition - January 2020 Marcie & Gerardo

    "Thank you for helping make our wedding day dreams come true."

    When I first saw the news that we had won $1000 from WeddingWire, I was completely surprised. I emailed my fiancé and he was in disbelief. I had seen the contests on WeddingWire each month but never thought that I would actually have a chance of winning – I never win anything! WeddingWire has been a great way to gather information for our wedding and reach out to vendors. We are so excited to have this extra money with our wedding happening next month! We have been watching our budget closely, and there were a few small things that we wanted to add to our day - like a second shooter for the photographer, and extra sweets or late night snack, and we now have the money to make it happen!

  • Gyan
    35th Edition - December 2019 Gyan & Jordan

    "Thank you WeddingWire!"

    Jordan just got off the phone as I was walking in the door when he told me we had won $1,000 from WeddingWire and I just stood there in shock. I never thought we would actually win when I was submitting my entries so this was a wonderful surprise. It was just yesterday when Jordan and I were discussing the budget for our honeymoon and we will be putting the money towards that. WeddingWire has been an incredible help for our planning and we are both so grateful for their generosity.

  • Renée
    34th Edition - November 2019 Renée & Justin

    "Thanks to WeddingWire, we now have an extra $1,000!"

    I was in a work meeting when I received the phone call, so it went to voicemail. As I listened back to the message I was in complete shock – I couldn't believe we WON!! I don't think my fiancé and I have won anything before so you can imagine our excitement. We high-fived and my fiancé stated "I didn't even know you entered a contest." To be honest, I had completely forgotten that I had entered it too – haha! Now we are less than a year away from our big day and thanks to WeddingWire we now have an extra $1,000 in our pockets! We plan to put the money towards upgrading our reception chairs. I REALLY wanted the gold chiavari chairs and now we can get them!! Thanks again WeddingWire, you rock!

  • Roya
    33rd Edition - October 2019 Roya & Chris

    "We can't believe it!"

    When we first heard the news, we were so elated. Between Chris's 'Wahoo!' and my 'Oh my gosh!' we were both so excited to be one of the winners! WeddingWire has been so helpful for us in planning our out-of-town wedding. Thank you so much WeddingWire for making our special day that much more special! With this money, we can now start to plan our honeymoon fund with a kickstart.

  • Adean
    32nd Edition - September 2019 Adean & Brandon

    "Thank you for helping to make our dream wedding come true!"

    We were so excited when we got the phone call with the good news. We do not have very good luck when it comes to contests, so the fact that we won was such a wonderful surprise! Both of us are recent graduates, so winning this money to put towards our wedding is a great help. We have been trying to decide whether we can fit a videographer into our budget or not, but now with the help of WeddingWire, we will be able to! Thank you so much WeddingWire for helping to make our dream wedding come true!

  • Polina
    31st Edition - August 2019 Polina & Soniel

    "We are so excited to have won this contest!"

    It is our first time winning anything like this, and the fact that it is for our wedding makes it a really special prize. We have been using WeddingWire for our planning and exploration of our special day and the money will be put to great use. We will get the cake of our dreams as opposed to settling for something that is within the budget! Thank you WeddingWire for your amazing generosity helping all couples.

  • Nikki
    30th Edition - July 2019 Nicole & Pierre

    "This prize could not have come at a better time."

    I honestly could not believe it when I received the phone call to say we won the contest. I never win anything and usually just enter contests with the hope of some day getting the call and this could not have come at a better time. We really want to hire a month-of wedding coordinator and have been trying to figure out how to fit it into our budget, so this is a huge help and we will be putting the money towards that. I have loved using the WeddingWire app to find our vendors and it has honestly been a huge help for us! Thank you so much WeddingWire for making my wedding planning experience a positive one so far and for this extra bit of help!

  • Amanda
    29th Edition - June 2019 Amanda & Beth

    "Every little bit helps and I can't thank you enough!"

    This is so exciting! I honestly never win anything so I was really surprised when I got the message and email. WeddingWire has been such a great community and this has all been so much fun. June has truly been a great month! I married my best friend, became a featured Real Wedding on WeddingWire and won this contest! We will be using this money to go towards our ceremony and honeymoon in Hawaii in the fall.

  • Emilie
    28th Edition - May 2019 Émilie & Sebastien

    "We are so happy!"

    When I received THE phone call and learned that I was the winner, I was speechless. I was so happy that I just kept laughing and dancing at work. My coworkers were all looking at me and wondering what was wrong with me lol. My fiancé and I had cancelled our honeymoon due to our wedding cost. This $1,000 will definitely go towards our honeymoon! Je suis trop contente!!!

  • Kimberly
    27th Edition - April 2019 Kim & Matt

    "We are so grateful to have the extra money!"

    When I received the email saying we won, I was in disbelief! You always hear of people entering these things and winning, but I never thought I would be one of those people! I immediately called my fiancé and excitedly told him the news. Our wedding, just like everyone else’s, is always a big expense, so every little bit helps. We’re excited to put this toward our budget to use for either entertainment or an upgrade for our menu. Thank you, WeddingWire Canada. We are so grateful to have the extra money and it makes us that much more excited for our wedding!

  • MidnightAmythest
    26th Edition - March 2019 Amy & Evan

    "We are super excited to have won!"

    When I saw the e-mail saying we’d won my jaw just dropped, I immediately forwarded it to Evan and he called me back in disbelief. We are super excited to have won, we never win anything, and it’s going to be such a big help. Weddings are pricey and add up so fast, we’ve been having to cut some costs to stay within our budget, but this $1000 will give us some great buffer room to add back in some of the little things we’ve had to cut out. Thank you WeddingWire, I didn’t think it possible, but you’ve made us even more excited for our wedding!

  • Olivia
    25th Edition - February 2019 Olivia & Zachary

    "We are so inexplicably grateful for this win!"

    We were so focused on showing our gratitude for the amazing wedding vendors we had, we forgot we had entered! This money is coming to us just over a month after our snow storm wedding, and just in time for our honeymoon to Japan in 20 days! I already feel so blessed to have married my best friend, and I am so excited to share our dream trip together and how much more we can explore.

  • Danielle
    24th Edition - January 2019 Danielle & Kurtis

    "We are so excited for our big day."

    When we heard the news we were thrilled. We have been so busy with planning our special day. We want to start planning our honeymoon soon and with the money we will be able to do that. We also won't have to be on such a tight budget for our honeymoon. You can get a lot more with an extra $1000.

  • Catherine
    23rd Edition - December 2018 Catherine & Fady

    "Thank you WeddingWire, this is an amazing gift beyond belief!"

    What an amazing way to start the year! When I received the phone call saying we won, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was in pure shock, couldn’t put any words together! I immediately called my fiancé and told him the news. He couldn’t believe it either! I had entered the contest last minute with one vendor and never thought anything would come from it, but I guess you never know! My fiancé and I are both students, so it has been a huge load balancing wedding planning, work and our studies. Honestly, this is such a blessing! We can’t wait to use this for the honeymoon and get a well-deserved vacation!

  • Sarah
    22nd Edition - November 2018 Sarah & Ravi

    "Thank you so much WeddingWire for the amazing gift!"

    I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that we won the WeddingWire contest! I could hardly believe it as I mentioned it to my fiancé, who was equally as shocked as I was. Planning our wedding has been such a journey, and with the date rapidly approaching we are so grateful to have the extra money at our disposal. We're definitely looking forward to reinvesting it into our wedding to create a wonderful and memorable evening for our friends and family.

  • Leanne
    21st Edition - October 2018 Leanne & David

    "Thank you WeddingWire, we appreciate this so much!"

    I was at the gym when I received the email, I was shocked and hesitant - we never win anything! I had to stop what I was doing because I was so excited to share the news with David when I found out it was real. We both put in so much time and effort into planning our dream day that it felt like it became another full-time job, though looking back at it all, we loved every minute of it. We are so thankful for this prize as it will help pay off what was such a magical day. This has made all of the hard work and money spent that much more worth it!

  • Ashlynn
    20th Edition - September 2018 Ashlynn & Josh

    "It's amazing to win such an unbelievable surprise!"

    We were so surprised and excited to find out we won! It's amazing to win such an unbelievable surprise for reviewing the incredible vendors we had the pleasure of working with. We got married just under a month ago and are in full honeymoon planning mode - this will go a long way to helping us plan our dream trip to New Zealand next spring!

  • Jl
    19th Edition - August 2018 Julie & Mark

    "Thank you WeddingWire for the awesome prize!"

    We are so happy, surprised and very excited to hear that we won the 19th edition of the WeddingWire Canada contest:) We’ve never won anything like this before but we both agreed that we already did when we found each other. 👫We will most likely use the winnings to go towards our honeymoon funds, which we are very much looking forward to. Thank you WeddingWire for the awesome prize and for helping us stay organized throughout the wedding planning process. We’ve already recommended your website to other engaged couples to check out and will definitely continue to do so in the future!

  • Rebecca
    18th Edition - July 2018 Rebecca & Will

    "We are exhilarated to be the winner of this prize!"

    When I first got the call from WeddingWire that we won, I jumped up from my seat at work and immediately called Will to tell him about it because I got so excited! We had a really short 3 months' time to organize our wedding due to a family situation, and although we were able to have everything sorted (big thanks to the WeddingWire app vendors! I don't think we would've been able to do it without the app!), we were really wanting to take our close friends who helped us with all the practical matters on our wedding day for a nice meal, so this money will probably go towards that. At the very least, it will help us with our honeymoon trip to Taiwan next year. Big thanks again to WeddingWire!

  • Jessika
    17th Edition - June 2018 Jessica & Phil

    "A huge thank you for this incredible gift!"

    My first thought when I got the call that I had won $1000 was that someone was pranking me! I couldn’t believe it! Then I realized this was WeddingWire and it all made sense. I was shocked and ecstatic at the same time. I couldn’t wait to call Phil and tell him! We are just in the beginning stages of planning our wedding and we want to host the best party for all of our family and friends. We want to use some of the money towards decorations, some towards the DJ, and we’ll keep a little for an excursion on the honeymoon!! We want to say a huge thank you to our vendors for confirming our entries into the contest and to WeddingWire for this incredible gift! It has blessed us more than you could know!

  • Lindsey
    16th Edition - May 2018 Lindsey & Patrick

    "We are both thrilled and grateful for this extra boost!"

    When I got the call that I had won the monthly WeddingWire contest I was over the moon! I had entered last minute on a whim and wasn't expecting to actually win anything. When I let Patrick know he said "Quick, better buy a lottery ticket too!". Our wedding is less than 2 months away so most things are already taken care of, but the money will help a lot with food and drinks. Good food is something we both have a passion for, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate with our friends and family. We are both thrilled and grateful for this extra boost before the wedding, thanks to WeddingWire!

  • Jenna
    15th Edition - April 2018 Jenna & Paul

    "This money will help with our wedding decor and honeymoon!"

    At first, I didn't believe it, I don't usually win anything. Paul and I are so excited for our wedding and can't wait to share it with our loved ones! Every little bit helps, we have a lot to do for our wedding still and imagine that this money will contribute to a variety of pieces that will make our wedding a reflection of our life together. We are thinking of adding a little extra to the decor budget to line our aisle with fresh flowers for our outdoor ceremony and padding that honeymoon budget of course. We can't wait for our day! And still can't believe this is real.

  • Kaitlyn
    14th Edition - March 2018 Kait & Derek

    "This is awesome!"

    It took me a moment to understand Kait's frantic text (there was a lot of exclamation marks). Kait was actually at work when she got the phone call and had a crowd of excited co-workers eagerly giving suggestions on how we could use the money. A lot of the big decisions have been made already even though our wedding is in the fall. So we've decided to have some fun with it. Kait's going shoe shopping, I'll spend a bit more on my suit, and the rest will go towards some great favours for our guests. Now we get to spoil all the people who have helped us so much the last 10 years.

  • Kaitlyn
    13th Edition - February 2018 Kaitlyn & Steve

    "Thank you so much!"

    We absolutely could not believe the news when we got the call - what a blessing! We are so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to entertain our family and friends and share our special day with them. The wedding is a little ways away but we are definitely looking forward to being able to really invest a little more in enhancing the already beautiful surroundings of our home to create the relaxing, fun getaway we hope our guests find our special day to be.

  • Rheanna
    12th Edition - January 2018 Rheanna & Daniel

    "This will help us give our guests the most enjoyable night!"

    OMG, I never thought we would win this contest. I completely forgot about it so when I found out that we won, it was such a wonderful surprise! Our wedding day is just around the corner, and one of the last things on our list is entertainment so the money will probably go there. We want our guests to have fun, so this will be really helpful in making sure that we can give our guests the most enjoyable and memorable night!

  • Laurra
    11th Edition - December 2017 Laura & Jonathan

    "Thank you WeddingWire for such an amazing gift!"

    When I received the good news from WeddingWire that we won, I was incredibly excited. I've never won something like this before. Since registering with WeddingWire, I've been putting ballots in since August hoping to win, yet this was completely unexpected. I called my fiancé Jonathan, and he asked if I was sure it was real! We spent the day trying to figure out what we should do with the money. While we thought about putting the money towards our wedding or the honeymoon, we eventually decided that it would be best served upgrading our living room as we have a very large, very gentle, but teething Alaskan Malamute puppy who, in recent weeks, has chewed our entire living room. We plan to upgrade our chewed sofa! Thank you WeddingWire for such an amazing gift and thank you to all our vendors for confirming our booking with you so we had a chance at this amazing prize! We cannot wait to celebrate with our friends and family at our wedding this summer!

  • Jessica
    10th Edition - November 2017 Jessica & Allan

    "We feel incredibly grateful and lucky!"

    When we got the call to let us know that we had won this month’s contest, we were thrilled! When we joined the contest, we weren’t expecting to win at all! We have never won anything like this before. It was definitely unexpected, and we feel incredibly grateful and lucky! We moved into our first home together in the last year, but had to put off furnishing it to save for our wedding that just passed on September 8th. We plan on using our prize money towards some furniture for our home so that our guests can finally sit somewhere when they come over! Thank you, WeddingWire! We’ve really enjoyed using the website to plan our wedding—it definitely helped us stay organized during our wedding planning process!

  • Jade
    9th Edition - October 2017 Jade & Ryne

    "This will definitely help make our dream wedding come true <3"

    WOW!…. Just wow! I am completely speechless! I figured it would be fun to enter my name into a contest - what do I have to lose, right?! I never thought I would be getting a phone call saying “Congratulations, you won!” How cool is that! It just made my day!! Then the big question hits… where is that money gonna go? Hmm…well... I have been doing A LOT of thinking on that, and since my wedding is a bit of a drive away, I want it to go to something my guests will enjoy and this will help me so much with paying for the Photo Booth that I wanted. It also will help with some of the little things like gifts for the wedding party. I am just so thankful to WeddingWire for giving Ryne and I this opportunity and now for being a part of our special day that is going to be enjoyable for all our family and friends :)

  • Jessica
    8th Edition - September 2017 Jessica & Travis

    "This money couldn't have come at a better time for us!"

    When I got the news that we won, I was in shock and didn't know what to say! I almost thought it wasn't reality because I never win anything! I called my husband, Travis, right away and told him the news. He was in disbelief as well and his first response was "No way!" and we instantly started talking about what we would do with it. We really wanted to go down to Yellowstone National Park for our honeymoon, but we bought an acreage in Saskatchewan 11 months ago and the adjustment has proved difficult for us not only financially, but also with the added stress of the lifestyle change on top of the stress of wedding planning! We decided to postpone our honeymoon until next summer so we could save some money and hopefully have less stress with the new acreage life. With this prize money, I know for sure now that we can make our honeymoon work next year and it is so exciting for us! Thank you WeddingWire for such an amazing gift and thank you All In Event Services for confirming our booking with you so we had a chance at this amazing prize!

  • Mallory
    7th Edition - August 2017 Mallory & Pat

    "We are beyond grateful to have been so lucky!"

    I couldn't believe when I received the call from Diane telling us we were the winners of the WeddingWire Canada Contest! When I told Pat he was just as shocked as I was. Like the other couples, we had never won anything like this before! We actually got married this past summer on July 28th, at the Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket. It was absolutely beautiful and the most perfect day! Since weddings are obviously very costly Pat and I decided to postpone our honeymoon to later in the year in order to save up some money! The $1000 prize money is going to help so much in planning our honeymoon and first adventure together as husband and wife. Thank you so much WeddingWire Canada for the amazing gift and for all your help in planning our wedding day! We are beyond grateful to have been so lucky!

  • Katie
    6th Edition - July 2017 Katie & Hector

    "The $1,000 prize is going to help us quite a bit"

    When Hector and I found out we had won, we were taken aback! It definitely was not the call we were expecting that day given our 8 lb chihuahua decided to fight a skunk shortly before the call. Our wedding will be taking place at The Doctor's House in Kleinburg. My uncle - who is my father's brother - generously fronted that bill for us in place of my father who passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago. We're having the wedding on October 20th which is my late father's birthday - I couldn't think of any better way to pay homage to him. The $1,000 prize is going to help us quite a bit with tying up loose ends. We plan on using the money to purchase our wedding bands, as well as a nice gift for my uncle without whom Hector and I would not be having the wedding I always dreamed of.

  • Valerie
    5th Edition - June 2017 Valerie & Adam

    "We're so very thankful that we got picked."

    We were very surprised to hear that we won, but as soon as I heard Diane say she was from WeddingWire, I had a good idea what the call was about. This is one of the biggest things either of us have ever won and we're so very thankful that it was Adam and I that got picked. We will probably put the money towards the venue, as that's where the majority of expenses are for us. Thanks WeddingWire!

  • Kirsten
    4th Edition - May 2017 Kirsten & Nathan

    "We are beyond thankful and appreciative."

    When I received Diane's voicemail from WeddingWire to call her back, I was shaking! When I heard that Nathan and I won, I was over the moon with excitement and happiness. I called Nathan immediately after to tell him the news and he couldn't believe we actually won. We both have never won anything and we are beyond thankful and appreciative of the money that will pay for our Officiant and Flowers for our big day on July 14, 2018. Thank you WeddingWire Canada for making our year and being a part of our day!

  • Tracy
    3rd Edition - April 2017 Tracy & Michael

    "My fiancé and I are super excited and grateful."

    This was something so unexpected to hear. I got a phone call from Diane telling me that I won the $1,000 contest. I’ve never won anything before. My fiancé and I are super excited and grateful. We've been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years and we're getting married back in my hometown in Montreal next year in September 2018. Thank you WeddingWire Canada, this is the best gift ever! We plan on using some of the money towards gifts for our bridal party and for our honeymoon.

  • Daykota
    2nd Edition - March 2017 Daykota & Brandon

    "This is so exciting and we are beyond grateful."

    When I listened to my voicemail that we had won the contest my jaw hit the floor! I have never won a contest before, I was shocked. I immediately called Diane and she told me the great news! This is so exciting and we are beyond grateful. We have a small budget and this is a huge help for us! Our wedding will be held on the lake and we are renting a lakefront cottage for the weekend as we live 2.5 hours away from our venue. We plan on using the majority of the money for accommodation, and the rest will go towards the gifts to our bridesmaids and groomsmen! They deserve to be spoiled too! J Thank you so much WeddingWire Canada! You guys are amazing and your app has been very helpful!

  • Kimberley
    1st Edition - February 2017 Kimberley and Chris

    "This is the best gift ever!"

    I was so excited to hear from Emilie that we had won! We never win anything. When I called my fiancé to tell him we had won his response was "are you sh**ing me!" This is the best gift ever! We have decided we are going to add a few days to our honeymoon so we can go to Ontario and visit my fiancé's family that are unable to attend the wedding. Thank you WeddingWire Canada!

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