Be the first to respond to brides and grooms with the WeddingWire business app

Get mobile notifications when you receive inquiries and manage them instantly.

Communicate directly to couples through the app and keep all of your messages handy.

Don't miss any opportunities to get new reviews - ask for reviews whenever and wherever you want.


You will immediately know when you receive an inquiry

When a couple is interested in your services, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone and you will be able to reply to them immediately. Be the first one to respond and increase your chances of closing a deal.


Manage your inquiries

In addition to responding to inquiries, you will be able to organize them with different folders and find them by searching by word, wedding date and inquiry date. No chance of closing a deal will be missed.


Answer through the app the same way you would with a computer or e-mail

Create and use templates to respond to the inquiries you receive. You will also be able to call the bride or groom with just one click on the 'Telephone' button.


Request and manage reviews from your phone

The reviews section is one of the most important sections on your Storefront. We want to help you manage your reviews easily whenever and wherever you want. Remember that reviews are the most effective way to earn a couple's trust.


Real-time information

Check your Storefront statistics from your mobile phone. That way you will have a detailed view of the effectiveness of your presence on WeddingWire.

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