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Kitchener (Ontario)
Your vendor's ability to pay attention to details and follow through on their contract goes a long way in making your day one to remember. Please rate your vendor based on quality of their product or service. Quality of service
It is absolutely important to have a responsive vendor. Unresponsive vendors can lead to unnecessary stress during the overall wedding planning process. Please rate your vendor based on their responsiveness in the pre-wedding, day of, and post-wedding process. Responsiveness
It is important to have a professional wedding vendor who will fulfill their duties while treating you respectfully. Please rate your vendor based on their attitude and professionalism. Professionalism
Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion so it is natural to spend more on the products and services you feel are most important. Please rate your vendor based on the overall experience you received for the amount spent. Was this vendor worth the money spent, and did you get what you paid for? Value
No wedding ever executes flawlessly from start to finish. Vendors that can work with you and adjust to your schedule can dramatically reduce the strain of the planning process. Please rate your vendor based on their attitude and their willingness to work with you through the wedding planning process. Flexibility

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