Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is a truly magical experience. We’re offering our expertise to help make the planning process fun and stress-free for you from beginning to end. From decor inspiration to vow help, we’ve covered it all in our articles.

Cake & Sweets

How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary

Have your wedding cake and eat it too (a year later). Here are tips for freezing the delicious top tier.

Rehearsal Dinner

Everything You Need to Know About Rehearsal Dinners

Need a little help when it comes to rehearsal dinners? Here’s a crash course that’ll let you know who, what, where, when, why and more!

Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposal 101

Don’t have a clue where to begin when it comes to proposing? We’ve answered all the essential marriage proposal questions to help you out.

Cake & Sweets

11 Questions to Ask a Wedding Cake Baker

Wondering what question to ask a wedding cake baker? You’ll want to get the A’s to these Q’s before committing to any confection!

Marriage Proposals

The Girl’s Guide to Proposing

Ladies can pop the question, too! Here’s everything you need to know before getting down on one knee.

Trends & Tips

5 Rules for Working on Wedding Planning at the Office

If your work and wedding planning are overlapping a little, these are the rules you need to play by.

Beauty Tips

How to Choose a Wedding Makeup Artist

You don’t want to trust your wedding look with just anyone. Here are a few pointers to help you land the wedding makeup artist of your dreams.

Wedding Decoration

8 Types of Wedding Decorations for Your Ceremony

Booked your perfect ceremony venue? Now it’s time to decorate! Here are all the wedding decorations you may want to purchase for your big day.

Trends & Tips

The First 5 Things You Need to Do to Start Planning Your Wedding

You’ve got yourself a shiny new ring and you’re ready to start planning your wedding! We suggest knocking off these five things before moving on to finer details like playlist making and menu tasting.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

10 Winnipeg Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Wondering where to celebrate the bride-to-be in your squad’s last night of freedom? We’ve got a few Winnipeg bachelorette party ideas for you.


8 Things to Do Right After Your Wedding

Working on tying up the loose ends after your wedding? Here’s what you need to once your big day is over.

Marriage Proposals

The Most Romantic Places to Propose in Canada

Can’t decide where to get down on one knee? Here are some of the most romantic places to propose in Canada’s nine major destinations.


7 Things You Should Totally Splurge on for Your Wedding Day

You can cut back on pricey stationery and extravagant linens, but you should spend a little more on these things.

Places to Celebrate

6 Awesome Winnipeg Brewery Wedding Venues

If your love for beer is almost as strong as your love for each other, consider booking one of these awesome Winnipeg brewery wedding venues for your big day.

Fine Jewellery

5 Things To Do After You Get Your Engagement Ring

With a great engagement ring comes great responsibility. Here are a few things you need to do after getting yours.

Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Serve Tacos at Your Wedding

Tacos may not be a “traditional wedding food”, but they sure are delicious. Here are a few of our favourite way to serve ‘em.