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Wedding DJ: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on wedding DJs in your area. Choose from a wide range of disc jockeys and entertainers who will play a wide range of music genres to suit every taste and make sure your guests keep have a great time at your wedding reception.

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    DJ Floh Back Productions
    52 Wedding DJ Toronto (Ontario)

    DJing is all about generating shared moods and understanding the feeling of a group. We founded this agency as a musical movement to bring Toronto’s best club DJs to private events. We like to think you are not only hiring a DJ with flawless mixing and a deep musical knowledge, you are joining our... (reception music)

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    Class Act DJ Service Inc
    39 Wedding DJ Canmore (Alberta)

    With unlimited enthusiasm for spinning upbeat music, Patrick Smiley of Class Act DJ Service will enliven your wedding reception with songs that are sure to get your guests to hit the dance floor. Rob Lavery and Rob Murray help Patrick, and together, they bring their diverse experience and... (wedding dJs)

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    Gascan Live
    Wedding DJ Hamilton (Ontario)

    GASCAN LIVE is a Hamilton, Ontario-based mobile DJ company that also specializes in lighting applications. With a talented roster of DJs and high-quality lighting systems, the company takes pride in creating a personable and lively ambiance for your special event. DJs at GASCAN LIVE specialize in... (reception music)

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    DJ KU$H
    Wedding DJ Markham (Ontario)

    DJ KU$H is a Markham-based company that specializes in DJ music services for weddings and other special events. Kushal Gossai a.k.a DJ KU$H is the Canadian DJ of Indo/Guyanese decent behind this business. Music is his passion and he plays a wide range of music styles which include EDM, house/deep... (reception music)

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    Pierre de Lux
    1 Wedding DJ Montreal (Quebec)

    A unique event like your wedding deserves the skills of a professional DJ for you to really have a great time with your loved ones. Pierre Lux boasts large experience in the business and an unrivaled musical background to make your wedding reception party a unique event. Services offered Pierre Lux... (wedding dJs)

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    Entity Vancouver
    Wedding DJ Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Entity Vancouver is an entertainment company based in Vancouver that specializes in providing music at weddings and other special occasions. It has been providing its services since 2000 and its professionals have performed all over Vancouver offering a high quality service and a memorable... (wedding music)

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    J.C. Classy
    Wedding DJ Laval (Quebec)

    A wide selection of music from the 50's to present hits adorns the library of J.C. Classy Productions. It is a highly reviewed business located in Laval, Québec. DJ JC Classy has a very personalized approach to weddings. He has several years of experience working as a DJ in Montreal and is fluent in... (wedding dJs)

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    DJ Nico - Audio Werx
    Wedding DJ Calgary (Alberta)

    DJ Nico - Audio Werx is a full service professional DJ and production company based in Calgary which specializes in providing high quality music services for weddings and other special events. With more than 23 years of experience and 5,000 events serviced, the team will work closely with you to... (wedding music)

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    DJ Roche
    2 Wedding DJ Markham (Ontario)

    DJ Roche is a Markham-based company that specializes in premium DJ services for weddings and other special events. They are professional and flexible, and will work with you and your available budget to ensure you get the best services for your money's worth. With several packages to choose from,... (wedding dJs)

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    First Choice Entertainment
    Wedding DJ Drayton Valley (Alberta)

    First Choice Entertainment is a company located in Drayton Valley, Alberta which is a subdivision of LR Light and Sound a a production and rentals company. First Choice Entertainment specializes in professional DJ and VJ services for weddings and other special events. With more than 30 years of... (reception music)

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    Sound.wav Rentals
    Wedding DJ Hanmer (Ontario)

    Operating out of Hanmer, Ontario, and also covering Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Parry Sound and Manitoulin areas, Sound.wav Rentals specializes in disc jockey entertainment for special events such as weddings. Owner and operator, Michael Lalonde, is proud to be a part of the Canadian Professional... (reception music)

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    Topps Music Service
    35 Wedding DJ Lockport (Manitoba)

    Rated the number one disc jockey service in Manitoba by their clients, Topps Music Service is considered one of the area’s finest. Housing a music library of over 30,000 songs, Topps Music Service insures that its clients have a large option of hits to choose from. With over 35 years of experience,... (wedding music)

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    Island DJ Services
    1 Wedding DJ Victoria (British Columbia)

    Jim Boulton is the owner and main DJ for this Vancouver, British Columbia-based music service. He originally hails from Saskatoon, where he worked as a community radio DJ. Upon resettling in Vancouver, he immediately started his DJ service. Jim has a wide knowledge of music genres and wants you to... (wedding dJs)

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    White Lotus
    Wedding DJ Victoria (British Columbia)

    White Lotus is a Victoria-based company that specializes in DJ solutions and other event services for weddings and special occasions. Rest assured that numerous face-to-face meetings will be held to get the vision you have for your wedding entertainment right. Its DJ services were built upon the... (reception music)