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Wedding decorations: check prices, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding decorations and event design services for your ceremony and reception. Whether you are looking for table centerpieces, candles or place settings, the most extensive listing of specialized wedding decor is right here.

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    With All My Heart Wedding Decor
    8 Wedding Decorations Burlington (Ontario)

    With All My Heart Wedding Decor is located in Burlington and offers wedding decor services and rentals. The business focuses on providing design solutions for weddings. It works hard to bring romance and individuality to each and every wedding. This company offers premium quality services and... (wedding decoration)

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    Dance Floor Decor
    2 Wedding Decorations Toronto (Ontario)

    Dance Floor Decor is one of Toronto, Ontario’s leading event decor companies. The business specializes in creating custom designs that transform any event into something stunning. The business has been featured in publications such as WedLuxe, Weddingbells, Lavish Dulhan, Elegant Wedding, Grace... (wedding decorations)

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    Legault Companies
    Wedding Decorations Upper Coverdale (New Brunswick)

    Legault Creative has a wide selection of linens, chair covers, center pieces and ceiling treatments. Decorations and props are available for themed parties, corporate events, weddings or any other special events. Our Creative Team is available to plan custom designed weddings, theme, or Gala Events.... (wedding lights)

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    Pulp Function
    Wedding Decorations Vaughan (Ontario)

    Pulp Function is a retail store that offers unique party and event décor articles. Most of the products it offers are made out of tree based materials, such as, paper or cardboard and they are all eco-friendly. It's a team of artists that ideally combines their artistic vision with the functional... (wedding decorations)

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    Forever Elegant
    Wedding Decorations Markham (Ontario)

    Forever Elegant is a Markham-based company that specializes in stunning decorative items for weddings and other special events. Creating an exclusive atmosphere for your special day is their top priority, customizing anything to achieve each client's wedding vision. The team at Forever Elegant... (wedding decorations)

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    Diya Decor
    3 Wedding Decorations Toronto (Ontario)

    Located in Toronto, Ontario, Diya Decor is a company that specializes in décor and rental services for weddings and special events in the Greater Toronto Area. This talented team has a great ability to create emotions through visually appealing set ups that bring the elegance and glamour to your... (wedding light)

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    Glow Lanterns
    Wedding Decorations Coquitlam (British Columbia)

    Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Glow Lanterns is a company that specializes in providing decorative lanterns in sleek designs for weddings and other special events. Each lantern design is inspired by the seasons, with the colours, textures and materials to match. Light up your special day... (wedding lights)

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    Weddings by Louise
    5 Wedding Decorations Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Weddings by Louise is a company based in Winnipeg that offers linens and decor rentals to add more glamour, elegance and grace to your wedding. Their professionals will strive to get a clear idea of what you want and will design and select the right items that will match with your theme, and vision.... (wedding decoration)

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    Stunningly Dunn Designs and Decor
    Wedding Decorations Alliston (Ontario)

    Sarah Dunn, the force behind Stunningly Dunn Designs and Decor, has been praised for helping wedding visions come to life. Sarah and her team are dedicated to helping brides truly create the wedding celebration of their dreams. Since 2009, Stunningly Dunn Designs has been helping bring a stylish and... (wedding decorations)

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    BLOOMdarling Co.
    1 Wedding Decorations East York (Ontario)

    BLOOMdarling Co. is a renowned East York, Ontario-based creative operation managed by award-winning designers who put their heart and soul into creating beautiful floral works. Arresting floral collections are designed for discerning brides who want to make a statement on their big day and who have... (wedding decoration)

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    Maggie's Magical Occasions
    29 Wedding Decorations Thunder Bay (Ontario)

    Maggie’s Magical Occasions is a Thunder Bay, Ontario-based company that specializes in full service event decorating. The company is an affiliate in floral business, The Posh Posy. Together, the businesses provide extravagant decor that is idea for weddings, big or small. Maggie’s Magical Occasions... (wedding decorations)

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    3-Thirty Event Artistry & Wedding Solutions
    Wedding Decorations Woodstock (Ontario)

    3-Thirty Artistry & Wedding Solutions is a business from Woodstock, Ontario. The business is committed to providing clients with first-class services and attention to the finest details. 3-Thirty Artistry & Wedding Solutions prides itself on creating designs that are fashion forward and fit well... (wedding light)

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    Mapleleaf Decorations
    6 Wedding Decorations Toronto (Ontario)

    Located in Toronto, Ontario, Mapleleaf Decorations is a company that specializaes in offering the finest decorations for beautiful weddings and all types of special events. Launched in 2000, this company is passionate about providing luxury wedding decor and lighting for beautiful celebrations. Put... (wedding decorations)

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    Marvelle Events - Creative | Unique | Vintage
    13 Wedding Decorations Caledon (Ontario)

    Husband and wife, best friends, and business partners, Dan and Laura Forbes operate the booming business of Marvelle Events. Together, they have more than 24 years of experience in the event industry. They began by starting a company called the Sounds Of Distinction in 2001. Once Laura became a... (wedding lights)