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I am a 25 year old planning a wedding on a budget within a year! When I’m not wedding planning, I work full-time in social work with individuals who have... View more

I am a 25 year old planning a wedding on a budget within a year! When I’m not wedding planning, I work full-time in social work with individuals who have autism & developmental disabilities. I am a fun-loving, always singing/dancing, happy-go lucky type who is really close with her family and friends - i really want that vibe to carry into my wedding. My FH & I have been together since Nov. 2017, some people will say thats a short time, but when you know, you know! I can’t picture my life with anyone else.

3 · October · 2020
Casey, On 9/October/2019 at 17:09

Hey! My hubby and I got married on September 7th! It was rainy and cold the day before and the day after- but the day of was 23 degrees!! (us with our adorable flower girls) So happy!!

Tori, 7 hours ago 15 messages
(Wo)mans Best friend
Emily, On 9/October/2019 at 18:01

My puppy’s bandanna is ready for our engagement photo shoot on the 20th 😍 Anyone else involving their animals in the wedding?! Theo is our “ring barker”

Tori, 7 hours ago 8 messages 41
We're Married! :d
Christine, On 8/October/2019 at 23:07

We got married this past Saturday on October 5th! The day went very smoothly and our guests really enjoyed themselves. The weather was really nice as well! These are just some pictures from my...

Tori, 7 hours ago 14 messages
When do you send out invites?
AmyB, On 9/October/2019 at 12:39

I'm getting married May 30 2020 and we are getting deep into wedding planning now! Or trying to, at least! How far in advance do you send out wedding invitations if you aren't sending out Save the...

Tori, 7 hours ago 11 messages
Drama Between Bridesmaids
Allyah, On 7/October/2019 at 11:28

Hi all, I have recently had a little bit of a problem with my MOH and one of my bridesmaids. My MOH has been friends with me for about seven years and my other bridesmaids about two or three, to me...

Emily, wednesday 9-Oct-19 18 messages
Next diy project
Emily, On 8/October/2019 at 13:57

I need your help deciding my next DIY project for the wedding. Should I use this piece I have for a seating chart or a picture board of me and my FH with something cute like “with my whole heart for...

Vinod, thursday 10-Oct-19 7 messages
Got my nails did 💅🏻😊
Tori, On 5/October/2019 at 00:10

Just sharing a pic of my nails 😊 Not exactly like the picture I gave but I'll chalk it up to the person putting their own creative take on it

Ashley, tuesday 8-Oct-19 7 messages
Let's get'er done!
Tori, On 5/October/2019 at 00:02

Done setting up for the most part! Here are some pics of our reception venue 💁🏻‍♀️😊 Holy heck, to get out here was so darn chaotic man!! First we were on time, then we ran late at our nail...

Ashley, tuesday 8-Oct-19 13 messages
Backdrop needed
Liana, On 2/October/2019 at 13:00

We are getting married at The Glenerin Inn and Spa next year and planning to have a sweetheart table. The headtable placement would be infront of an extra door and sign. Rhe venue supplies the curtain...

Emily, tuesday 8-Oct-19 6 messages
Give me all the bad news
Tori, On 30/September/2019 at 15:23

Well, I've hit that point. Nothing more could go wrong and if it can - bring it on! First the weather has taken a turn and although I know it's not set in stone, right now there is a 90% chance of...

Kelly, tuesday 8-Oct-19 31 messages
Timeline for save the dates
Emily, On 29/September/2019 at 10:26

When did you all send out save the dates?! I’m stressing because we haven’t sent them yet and we’re basically a year away! (October 3, 2020) i want to to use our engagement photos (with my dog in this...

Emily, monday 7-Oct-19 34 messages
Do you disagree?
Sinéad, On 7/October/2019 at 09:05

Everyone has disagreements from time to time, it happens in every relationship! How often do you find that you and your future spouse don’t see eye to eye? Do you ever disagree? Never, always, or...

Amanda, sunday 13-Oct-19 24 messages
Do you keep secrets?
Sinéad, On 7/October/2019 at 09:05

Whether it’s a surprise party, a little white lie or some confidential info from your bestie - do you keep secrets from your future spouse from fear that they might blab? Do you keep secrets? Never,...

Amanda, sunday 13-Oct-19 25 messages
Do you tune each other out?
Cliodhna, On 7/October/2019 at 09:05

There’s nothing wrong with wanting some peace and quiet every now and again.. 😛 Is one of you likely to stop paying attention when the other person is talking? Do you ever tune each other out? Never,...

Amanda, sunday 13-Oct-19 24 messages
Do you do their laundry?
Cliodhna, On 7/October/2019 at 09:05

Everyone hates the dreaded household chore of doing laundry, or maybe that’s just me! 🙈 Do you do your fiancé(e)s laundry? Never, always, or sometimes? Next Question: Do you tune each other out? Back...

Amanda, sunday 13-Oct-19 26 messages
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