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I'm silly, I'm little, and I'm really excited to be getting married!

16 · November · 2019
Finish The Sentence: Our wedding hashtag is #_____.
Lynnie, On 2/September/2019 at 09:05

Will you have a wedding hashtag for your guests to use? What’s your hashtag?? Finish the sentence! Next Question: I’ve got 99 wedding problems and 90 of them are _____. Back to the Beginning: Finish...

Valérie, wednesday 4-Sep-19 25 messages
Finish The Sentence: We’re getting married in _____ days!
Lynnie, On 2/September/2019 at 09:05

How many days left until you say “I do”? Share your wedding countdown! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thanks for playing and sharing your wedding details! If you missed any questions, you can see them all linked here:...

Valérie, wednesday 4-Sep-19 28 messages
Engagement Photo's!
Alli, On 20/August/2019 at 15:16

I am so thrilled with our engagement photo's - I just had to share. Being that we're having a November wedding we wanted to wait till this summer to take the photo's, and oh man I am so glad we did!...

Alli, wednesday 4-Sep-19 20 messages
Engagement ring
Britney, On 15/August/2019 at 12:41

I love how simplicity and small it is. Also it was my mommas 😍

Ashley, thursday 12-Sep-19 9 messages
Bridal party day of gifts?
Aylssa, On 22/July/2019 at 21:19

Hi all, For those of you who gave your bridal party little gifts the day of the wedding would you mind sharing with me what you gave each person. Hoping others ideas will spark some of my own

Rebecca, monday 29-Jul-19 16 messages
Is it too early to begin purchasing decor?
Tiffany, On 11/June/2019 at 14:36

My wedding is 2 years away. My FH and I are paying for it ourselves so we set a longer engagement to help with this. I found a few things we both liked for our wedding so I purchased this...

Alie, sunday 16-Jun-19 21 messages
Dress - what’s your colour?
Joey, On 19/February/2019 at 08:05

What's your dress color? White, eggshell, cream, blush, off white, champagne, black, red, gold, ombre... What color are you choosing for your wedding dress? If you have a picture, show us! Photo by...

Alli, sunday 24-Mar-19 26 messages
What's your future Mrs. name?
Lynnie, On 13/March/2019 at 15:32

It was a long time coming after many years of dating, but I finally became Mrs. May! If you'll be changing your last name after the wedding, what new name are you taking on?

Kirsten, tuesday 20-Aug-19 78 messages
What busted your wedding budget?
Lynnie, On 12/March/2019 at 13:05

Did you know that 74% of couples go over their original wedding budget? You're not alone!! What was the first thing that busted your wedding budget, or made you re-work it? Was it something big early...

Silvia, friday 21-Jun-19 30 messages
Proposal Perfection - What was your favourite part about the proposal?
Joey, On 28/January/2019 at 09:22

What was your very favorite part about your proposal? Did something they said or did show how well they knew you? Was it how much effort was put in? Was it how intimate the moment was? What was your...

Amanda, tuesday 26-Feb-19 25 messages
What part of planning has taken up the most of your time?
Stephanie, On 30/November/2018 at 21:17

There's lots to think about when wedding planning! What task would you say you have spent the most time on? I think for me, it was finding a venue. I looked up and e-mailed pretty much every venue in...

Paige, saturday 29-Dec-18 27 messages
Brides in their early 20s!
Alli, On 20/March/2018 at 17:29

So this is super weird, but I was curious. Are there any other brides-to-be in the Calgary area that are in their early 20s? I'm 23 now, and when we get married I'll be 25, but I was just curious! I'm...

Lyla, saturday 12-May-18 20 messages
Brandi, On 7/March/2018 at 19:09

We are planning our wedding for July 19 2019. Who else is planning a wedding over a year away? And how much planning have you done? I feel like I am getting way ahead of myself, but I also know myself...

Julia, wednesday 29-Aug-18 40 messages
Who is getting married in 2019??
Lynnie, On 29/September/2017 at 16:12

This post is dedicated to everyone getting married in 2019!! Share your name, your wedding month, and the city where you're getting married so everyone can get to know each other better throughout...

Shandee, friday 21-Jun-19 56 messages
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