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Bowmanville, Ontario · From February 2017

26 years old. Bartender. Looking forward to marrying the man of my dreams.

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Happily married 🎉

August 25, 2018

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What are your bridesmaids wearing?
Lynnie, On November 27, 2018 at 14:40

What's your plan for bridesmaids attire? Will they all wear the same dress, or different colours and styles? Are they wearing... A) The same dress? Photo by Zahra Zaman Photography in Halifax, NS B)...

Rayanne, friday 26-Jul-19 39
Silicone Wedding Bands
Casey, On March 28, 2019 at 09:50

Hi Ladies! I am looking to get myself and my FH silicone wedding bands, on top of our regular wedding bands. He is an electrician and won't be able to wear a metal wedding band to work anyways, so he...

Casey, monday 15-Apr-19 15
What are you using for your card box?
Lynnie, On February 13, 2019 at 14:38

How are you collecting cards at your wedding? Did you DIY or customise your card box? We want to see your card box! Even if you don’t have one yet, show off your inspiration! Photo from Southern Charm...

Donna Yeung, saturday 20-Apr-19 31
Recently married.... what would you change?
Natasha, On February 6, 2019 at 00:06

Wedding advice! What was your biggest regret for your wedding day or if you could change something on the wedding day what would it be?

Vinod, wednesday 10-Apr-19 38
Gold Engagement Ring
Savannah, On January 22, 2019 at 22:47

Anyone else have a gold engagement ring!? My fiancée and I wanted to use his grandmother’s gold wedding band so we wanted the engagement ring to match! I love the vintage look, especially with the...

Donna Yeung, saturday 20-Apr-19 31
Dresses That Didn't Make the Cut
Bianca, On January 13, 2019 at 16:13

Hello fellow brides-to-be! We all know that the search for the perfect wedding dress can be daunting, long, and exhausting. And we all know that feeling when you find THE DRESS that ends the search....

Kristen, friday 17-Apr-20 160
Flip Out Or Forget It? - When guests miss the RSVP deadline
Joey, On January 14, 2019 at 09:27

How do you feel about guests who miss your RSVP deadline? Does this make you flip out? Or are you able to forget it? Flip Out! How hard is it to RSVP?! Vendors are knocking down the door for your...

BunnyBride, monday 26-Aug-19 30
Flip Out Or Forget It? - Bad weather
Joey, On January 14, 2019 at 09:29

Throughout your whole wedding planning process you've tried to control lots of details, but one thing you absolutely cannot control is the weather. Does the threat of bad weather terrify you? Does...

BunnyBride, monday 26-Aug-19 33
What's your wedding hashtag?
Lynnie, On January 18, 2019 at 13:05

Are you going to have a cute and catchy hashtag for your guests to use on instagram? It can be a great way to find and share photos from your wedding! What's your wedding hashtag? Photo by Lovers of...

Candace, saturday 26-Jan-19 46
How many tiers in your wedding cake?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

How many tiers will your wedding cake have? If you're serving something else sweet, how many pieces are your ordering per person? Photo from Melanie's Cakes in Newmarket, ON Next Question: How many...

Brittany, wednesday 6-Feb-19 32
How many days will you spend on your honeymoon?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

Last but definitely not least - how many days will you spend on your honeymoon? 🏖️ Photo from Destination Weddings and Honeymoons By AJ in Mississauga, ON Thanks for playing and giving us all your...

Daniel, tuesday 30-Jul-19 35
How many times a day do you say "I love you"?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

Don't forget about your fiancé(e) in the midst of all the planning craziness!! How many times a day do you say "I love you"? Photo from WeddingWire's Love Quotes Pinterest board Next Question: How...

Erin, thursday 2-May-19 35
How many dresses have you tried on?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

Whether you're wearing a wedding dress, a suit, or even a bridal jumpsuit - how many outfits have you tried on so far for your wedding? Photo from The Gown in Newmarket, ON Next Question: How many...

Nicole, wednesday 6-Feb-19 37
How many times have you changed your budget?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

Figuring out the budget for your wedding is not easy! It can change with every single contract and purchase, as you decide where to splurge and where to save! How many times has your budget changed? 💰...

Brittany, wednesday 6-Feb-19 35
How many people in your bridal party?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

Bridesmaids, bridesmen, groomsmen, women of honour, flower girls, ring bearers... the list goes on and on! How many total people will you have in your bridal party? Photo from Events by Sarah Megan in...

Kathleen, wednesday 5-Jun-19 44
How many venues did you tour?
Lynnie, On January 21, 2019 at 09:05

How many different wedding venues did you take a look at? How much in-person scouting did you do?? Photo from Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory in Ottawa Next Question: How many people in your...

Kathleen, wednesday 5-Jun-19 40