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Hi, my name's Tori and I just got married! Things you might relate to: I'm 22 & he's 29, we met at a game night through mutual friends, we bought our... View more

Hi, my name's Tori and I just got married! Things you might relate to: I'm 22 & he's 29, we met at a game night through mutual friends, we bought our first home in 2018, had a kitten (Avocato - RIP 06/20/18-05/14/19), have a puppy (Karma), and a kitten (Kit)! If you notice the star next to my picture and that I am a featured user - that means that I am here to help! I started as a bride-to-be but because I'm always so active on the site you know you can come to me for help and/or opinions (be careful - I'm pretty honest)!

5 Β· October Β· 2019


Tori Doll
Mini-moon in Winnipeg
Tori Doll of Honeymoon, On 15/October/2019 at 13:54

If you didn't already know - me and my Husband tied the knot on October 5th 2019! Our #LoveIsDollYouNeed Wedding! Since my Husband started a new job in September and I started a school course......

Tori Doll, an hour ago 17 messages 94
Tori Doll
Our #loveisdollyouneed Wedding!
Tori Doll of Just Married, On 15/October/2019 at 11:00

I'M MARRIED!!!! Yup... I know - October 5th was like 10 days ago... but man, life is hectic! Okay, first things first- when I last posted the night before the wedding (Let's get'er done!) everything...

Tori Doll, 7 hours ago 31 messages 189
Tori Doll
Rustic Weddings
Tori Doll of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 09:12

Hey brides and grooms to be!! Now that I am officially married (as of October 5th 2019) I have time to look back and reflect about my overall "theme" or "feel" that I was going for Since we had a fall...

Tori Doll, yesterday at 13:41 9 messages 61
Tori Doll
Got my nails did πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ˜Š
Tori Doll of Beauty, On 5/October/2019 at 00:10

Just sharing a pic of my nails 😊 Not exactly like the picture I gave but I'll chalk it up to the person putting their own creative take on it

Ashley, tuesday 8-Oct-19 7 messages 87
Tori Doll
Let's get'er done!
Tori Doll of Plan a wedding, On 5/October/2019 at 00:02

Done setting up for the most part! Here are some pics of our reception venue πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š Holy heck, to get out here was so darn chaotic man!! First we were on time, then we ran late at our nail...

Ashley, tuesday 8-Oct-19 13 messages 136
Tori Doll
Give me all the bad news
Tori Doll of Wedding ceremony, On 30/September/2019 at 15:23

Well, I've hit that point. Nothing more could go wrong and if it can - bring it on! First the weather has taken a turn and although I know it's not set in stone, right now there is a 90% chance of...

Kelly, tuesday 8-Oct-19 31 messages 235
Tori Doll
Bachelorette/stagette Success!
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 30/September/2019 at 10:56

Yup! I have 5 days till I walk down the aisle (possibly in the rain...) and say I do!! EEEEEEEKKK!!!! lol Of course before that I HAD to have a bachelorette party with my girls! First we met up at my...

Bianca, wednesday 2-Oct-19 14 messages 89
Tori Doll
Show me your venues!
Tori Doll of Manitoba, On 25/September/2019 at 09:08

Hey there fellow Manitoba Brides and Grooms! So, a little background Wedding date: October 5th 2019 Venue: Rivers Edge Resort (Elma MB) Where everyone is tying the knot and partying?? Same place for...

Danielle, sunday 29-Sep-19 2 messages 24
Tori Doll
Surprise flood!
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 23/September/2019 at 01:27

Yup... Some of you living in Manitoba (more precisely Winnipeg) may know - we were hit with TONS of rain... video So... naturally... my basement flooded! Yay! That was great......

Rayanne, tuesday 24-Sep-19 20 messages 92
Tori Doll
Bridal Shower(s)
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 20/September/2019 at 14:06

Well.... I had my Bridal Shower back on Sunday September 8th and figured I just wouldn't make a post about it because I didn't do it within the first couple days after... But today at my work I was...

Allison, saturday 21-Sep-19 14 messages 113
Tori Doll
Wedding Shower Involvement
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 29/August/2019 at 16:52

Soooooooo, basically I reached out to a friend and I brought up how I'm excited for my Wedding Shower next weekend - and she had no idea about it... I talked to my Mom and Sister/MOH who are throwing...

Tori Doll, thursday 12-Sep-19 15 messages 102
Tori Doll
Bridesmaid Dress Mess Up
Tori Doll of Wedding fashion, On 4/September/2019 at 16:07

Ughhhhhh!!!! K - rant time. Sooooo, I just got a call from the store we bought the bridesmaids dresses from... good news and bad news. Good news - all 5 dresses are in and ready for pick up/ taken to...

Rayanne, friday 6-Sep-19 27 messages 169
Tori Doll
Wedding Cakes
Tori Doll of Wedding reception, On 12/August/2019 at 14:41

Hey there people! So this past August long weekend me and my FH went out to Canada's National Ukrainian Festival (Dauphin MB) and had a heck of a time! While there it was decided that instead of us...

Katelyn, friday 6-Sep-19 25 messages 155
Tori Doll
Proposal Stories
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 29/July/2019 at 10:28

Alright everybody, more and more ladies (and gents) are joining wedding wire everyday and I remember back when I first started here on wedding wire one of the biggest ice breakers was giving the...

Alix, tuesday 30-Jul-19 7 messages 62
Tori Doll
Walking down the aisle
Tori Doll of Wedding ceremony, On 29/October/2018 at 10:55

So this is a question that I have been putting off but figure - why not survey the rest of the community?? Will you be walking down the aisle with your dad? Will it be both parents? How about you and...

Shannon, monday 29-Jul-19 59 messages 537
Tori Doll
Colour Woes
Tori Doll of Before the wedding, On 22/July/2019 at 15:29

So.... I just attended my FH's cousin's wedding this past Saturday... and my suspicions were correct! I was tipped off at the wedding shower that she had at the beginning of June and now that I have...

Hélène, wednesday 24-Jul-19 10 messages 116
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