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24 · May · 2019


Teeth Whitening
Stephanie of Beauty, On 2/April/2018 at 08:00

Hello all! I've seen a few times on tv shows about brides and grooms getting their teeth whitened before the big day! Does anyone have experience with this? Or could possibly recommend a place in the...

DrB, friday 11-Oct-19 17 messages 226
Living Together!
Stephanie of Living together, On 19/February/2019 at 08:09

Good morning everyone! I know I have seen a bunch of times on here how long couples have lived together before marriage! As a bride myself who is waiting until marriage to live together, I want to...

Missa, thursday 25-Jul-19 34 messages 382
Done and Married!
Stephanie of Just Married, On 28/May/2019 at 12:48

Well guys! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! The past Friday we got hitched and it was absolutely incredible! As almost every bride says, the day couldn't have been more perfect! Haha! Weather held out and...

Tamara, monday 15-Jul-19 29 messages 400
May 2019 Brides!!!!
Stephanie of Plan a wedding, On 1/April/2019 at 08:50

How are we all doing!!! Are you as excited as I am to be able to officially say "We're getting married next month!!" I was sure to wake my FH up at midnight last night to inform him hahaha! What's...

Stephanie, monday 8-Apr-19 15 messages 177
How did you meet!
Stephanie of Before the wedding, On 5/April/2018 at 15:46

I'm sure this thread has happened before but I'd love to hear everyone's stories! How did you meet your Fiance/Fiancee? Or for those already done with their big day how did you meet your Husband/Wife?...

Stiffra, wednesday 27-Mar-19 70 messages 437
Timing for Speeches
Stephanie of Wedding reception, On 7/March/2019 at 15:06

Hey everyone! So I'm working on timelines with my FH now and I'm a bit stumped on when to do the speeches... We are doing a buffet, for 200 people, so I am allocating about an hour for everyone to get...

Stephanie, monday 11-Mar-19 12 messages 153
Registries for Bed Bath & Beyond
Stephanie of Before the wedding, On 6/February/2019 at 10:11

Hello all! Just a quick question for anyone who has a registry with Bed Bath & Beyond! We have one and have started to receive wedding gifts from it! However we're noticing that on some of them...

Sarah, sunday 10-Feb-19 14 messages 224
diy Pew Bows!
Stephanie of DIY, On 14/December/2018 at 15:41

Hey all! I'm starting to look around to get some ideas on making Pew Bows for the church! I'm pretty sure I will just make these myself... get some ribbon and tulle on sale and have it a go! I'm also...

Alycia, saturday 2-Feb-19 8 messages 113
My Wedding Invites are Done!!!
Stephanie of DIY, On 8/December/2018 at 10:22

Just wanted to share! We have been working on them for COUNTLESS hours! Some details! My FH and I are both graphic designers and I work in a print company! So we designed every piece from scratch!...

Candace, saturday 26-Jan-19 40 messages 393
Final Checks Day of Wedding!
Stephanie of Plan a wedding, On 9/January/2019 at 11:26

Hello all! I have been working on timelines and setups for the Wedding (just a little over 4 months away) and I am trying to put together a list of things to check/setup for the actual wedding itself!...

Tyanna, saturday 12-Jan-19 4 messages 84
Wedding bands for the men!
Stephanie of Wedding fashion, On 17/November/2018 at 23:01

Hey everyone!! I know we all usually ask to see the lady's ring but I'd love to see some rings for the men! My FH and I are on the hunt for a ring for him and would love to see some ideas! Please post...

Samantha, saturday 22-Dec-18 27 messages 371
Sharing my Save The Dates!
Stephanie of DIY, On 15/August/2018 at 20:01

Hello all! Just wanted to share a quick pic of the save the dates we just finished! Kept it simple! Used photos from our engagement shoot with PinkPineapple Photography (and I couldnt recommend them...

Joy, wednesday 5-Dec-18 18 messages 263
The Countdown!
Stephanie of Before the wedding, On 8/November/2018 at 17:42

Does anyone else here countdown to their wedding in other ways aside from just days? Yesterday I realized I only have 30 more loads of laundry to do (one a week), and only 6 more periods to suffer...

Joey, wednesday 21-Nov-18 18 messages 144
Engagement photoshoot, how much to tip?
Stephanie of Before the wedding, On 19/July/2018 at 22:04

Hey guys! Just a quick question! I had an engagement photoshoot tonight with a company we actually won a photoshoot from from the Toronto Bridal Show! Now since the shoot was free... just not sure how...

Allison, tuesday 2-Oct-18 17 messages 229
If you could have any one thing!
Stephanie of Plan a wedding, On 29/August/2018 at 08:07

Hey everyone!!! I know we all love to make pinterest boards of hundreds of ideas, watch glamorous celebrity weddings and elegant royal ones! If you could have any ONE THING at your wedding no matter...

Bianca, sunday 30-Sep-18 30 messages 208
Show off your favourite decoration!
Stephanie of Plan a wedding, On 3/September/2018 at 12:15

Hey all! I just wanted to show off the Night Sky prints I got done for the wedding along with the gold frames I finally got finished!! So happy with how these turned out! Just have to figure out how...

Jessica, thursday 6-Sep-18 16 messages 207
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