Canmore, Alberta · From January 2018

18 · August · 2018


How much/how many?
Rosalyn of Alberta, On 21/January/2018 at 15:04

Hey Ladies (And gents) I’m curious to know peoples wedding budgets! I feel like I’m on point with average wedding costs (especially with the location) but my fiancé is feeling like we are high! 48-50...

Tricia, sunday 28-Apr-19 37 messages 815
Canmore venue
Rosalyn of Wedding reception, On 16/January/2018 at 23:31

Has anyone had or having their wedding at Murrietas in Canmore? - specifically the private room?

Rosalyn, friday 7-Sep-18 4 messages 34
Rosalyn of Wedding reception, On 16/January/2018 at 23:35

Are you having an MC at your wedding? Ours is so small that I’m wondering if its really needed?

Kelsea, monday 3-Sep-18 13 messages 182
5 days to go!!
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 13/August/2018 at 15:51

Where’s my wedding day twins?? How are you holding up? I have butterflies and bees in my stomach!! Can’t believe it!!

Marcia, wednesday 15-Aug-18 10 messages 63
Rehersal dinner/event-9 days!!!!
Rosalyn of Before the wedding, On 9/August/2018 at 01:34

Who’s having a rehersal? Who’s invited to your rehersal? Whos dreading there’s? All I foresee is a night full of “why didn’t you invite so and so?” “Why didn’t you this/why didn’t you that?” My in...

Bianca, tuesday 14-Aug-18 23 messages 159
14 days to go
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 3/August/2018 at 21:29

I’ve now turned into the weather watcher...and going crazy. When we booked our venue and ceremony spaces, we also tried to book a “back up” space in case of rain. And LITERALLY every. Single. Spot....

Stephanie, tuesday 7-Aug-18 14 messages 97
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 1/August/2018 at 08:24

Hey everyone! Just curious who you are tipping and how much? I’m having a hard time figuring out how much to tip/who to tip! 18 days to go!

Rosalyn, friday 3-Aug-18 8 messages 110
Pre-wedding crisis 😂
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 14/July/2018 at 02:25

So. For 20 years I have wanted my nose pierced. Always chickened out but I’m thinking of getting it done next Friday, 30 days before the wedding. Am i crazy?

Rosalyn, tuesday 17-Jul-18 25 messages 181
52 days!!!
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 26/June/2018 at 21:19

It’s finally starting to feel real. The last couple weeks have been super stressful - bickering with the inlaws and the tension with my friend who has fallen off the wagon (we are talking to him next...

Lindsay, sunday 15-Jul-18 47 messages 176
Feeling...less important?
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 9/July/2018 at 01:27

Our venue, has been very frustrating to deal with. I feel like because we are having a small wedding and only renting out the private room, that we aren’t as important. I know they are a business and...

Courtney, wednesday 11-Jul-18 25 messages 164
Show me your shoes!
Rosalyn of Wedding fashion, On 28/June/2018 at 00:10

Alright ladies, lets see those wedding day shoes! I went for colourful and opposite of what I always go for. (Standard black wedge)

Rosalyn, friday 29-Jun-18 44 messages 345
Gifts for mom and dad?
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 23/June/2018 at 13:18

Are any of you getting your parents anything for the day of the wedding? Or your in laws? I want to get my dad these custom cufflinks with our picture in them. For Mom I was thinking a necklace but...

Jennifer, monday 25-Jun-18 19 messages 152
Un-inviting guest to wedding?
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 17/June/2018 at 09:47

I’m a little lost on what to do in this situation and don’t know what is right and wrong. One of our friends, who I really care about, has recently fallen off the sobriety wagon. I don’t like who he...

Leanne, thursday 21-Jun-18 19 messages 255
90 day panic
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 21/May/2018 at 00:26

The time has flown by and now I’m feeling the pressure! I just started a new job, and the next 2.25 months I am going to be completely swamped. I thought to myself, why not have a look at what the...

Kay, monday 11-Jun-18 6 messages 78
Engagement photos
Rosalyn of Before the wedding, On 18/May/2018 at 22:00

We just got our engagement photos! Thought I’d share a few favourites 😍

Bianca, tuesday 5-Jun-18 17 messages 197
Wedding invites - Inlaws upset
Rosalyn of Plan a wedding, On 28/April/2018 at 21:55

Ladies, Did you include parents names in your invites?? We didn’t and my motherinlaw made a comment about it. Now I feel bad. I looked at so so many invites and it was 50:50 with including or not...

Vanessa, wednesday 9-May-18 33 messages 288
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