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Photobooth: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on photo booths that will give your guests that fun, automated experience of taking a series of photographs behind a booth's curtain at the sound of a buzzer or when a red light appears signaling the shutter's start. A variety of hats and props can be used to enhace the experiece of having a few minutes to take photos that are always fun, original and creative.

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    YouBooth Photo Booths
    5 Photobooth St Catharines (Ontario)

    You know what they say: the party doesn’t start until the YouBooth Photo Booths team walks in! Invite your guests to have some fun in the YouBooth and you are sure to cherish the pictures they take for years to come. Two identical photostrips are printed instantly. The YouBooth attendant gives one... (Photobooth)

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    Spice Photobooth
    3 Photobooth Langley (British Columbia)

    Spice Photobooth is a Langley-based company that specializes in photobooth rentals for weddings and any other event that needs an entertaining addition to the evening. It uses the latest technology like social media integration for instant sharing and even a live slideshow of your photos for... (Photobooth)

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    Snapshot Photobooth
    Photobooth Toronto (Ontario)

    Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Snapshot Photobooth provides clients with a huge photo booth that can accommodate up to 20 guests. The staff here is extremely professional and is ideal for any kind of event. The company is located in Toronto, Ontario. Operating since 2005, this company was formed by... (Photobooth)

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    21 Photobooth Toronto (Ontario)

    Toronto Photo Booth Rental Company A Photo Booth can add a lot of fun to your event. Everyone will love it! One of the best and memorable moments of any event is the Photo Booth! “Best Event” Toronto Photo Booth Rental offers you the most elegant, portable, and intuitive photobooth on... (Photobooth)

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    JTL Photobooths
    14 Photobooth Mississauga (Ontario)

    JTL Photobooths is a Mississauga-based company that specializes in photobooth rentals for weddings and all types of celebratory occasions. Classic photostrips or normal prints that come through an open concept booth which is fun and affordable combined with great customer service are what they do... (Photobooth)

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    More Smiles Photobooth
    1 Photobooth Surrey (British Columbia)

    More Smiles Photobooth is a Surrey-based company that specializes in unique photobooth rentals for weddings and other events that want to capture fun and silly moments from its attending guests. This small startup offers the best in customer service and have an important mission: to make your... (Photobooth)

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    Special Day Photography Photo Booth Service
    14 Photobooth Regina (Saskatchewan)

    Special Day Photography Photo Booth Service is located in Regina and specializes in offering top quality photo booth rentals for any kind of event you are planning. Photo booths are a great way to get your guests engaged while having loads of fun. The best part is that they get to take home a... (Photobooth)

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    Photo Booths by Borsellino Photography
    6 Photobooth Edmonton (Alberta)

    Our Photo booths are custom-built by us to work just like a traditional photo booth, but with state-of-the-art technology. Featuring high-gloss white walls with adjustable coloured LED lighting, an HD touch screen with picture preview and count-down, beautiful high quality prints, AND an iPad Social... (Photobooth)

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    Vibe Photobooth Inc.
    1 Photobooth Edmonton (Alberta)

    Are you looking for something fun & exciting for your next event? Vibe Photobooth boosts the excitement at any event! Give your guests something to talk about and take home! There’s no hassle, we bring the booth right to your door! A photo studio in a box complete with digital technology for... (Photobooth)

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    Soapbox Photo & Video Booths
    50 Photobooth Vaughan (Ontario)

    Soapbox Photo and Video Booths offer you unique and interactive ways to capture the excitement of your wedding or special event. Their custom hardware allows them to provide an elegant look that won't take away from the decor of your reception, while their custom software ensures a unique, easy to... (Photobooth)

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    PhotoBooth STAR
    8 Photobooth Milton (Ontario)

    Located in Milton, Ontario, PhotoBooth STAR is an open photo booth that allows guests to have all the fun they want without being cramed into a small space. With a DSLR camera and professional lighting equipment, the photo booth from PhotoBooth STAR creates spectacular images. The booth works with... (Photobooth)

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    TDOT photobooth
    4 Photobooth Toronto (Ontario)

    TDOT photobooth is a Toronto-based company that specializes in photo booth rentals that provide high-quality instant prints of the funnest moments your guests will have at your wedding. The photobooth models offered are some of the most modern and sleek booths you'll find in the market. They include... (Photobooth)

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    PIXSTAR Photobooth
    Photobooth Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Vancouver's PREMIER Photo Booth Rental company! An unbelievable 7 years of AMAZING pictures! We love our job! We offer the most photo prints options of any photo booth company in Vancouver! Customized event graphics are included in every rental! Choose from 8 different photo print formats in colour,... (Photobooth)

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    2 Photobooth Calgary (Alberta)

    Xpressbooth is a photo booth rental company based in Calgary, Alberta. We offer 2 custom layout designs (any 4x6 postcard or double strip configuration), 32 high-end photography backdrop choices, 10-second instant printing, tons of fun props, and an elegant Hollywood-style setup for your event. We... (Photobooth)