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22 · September · 2018


Megann of Just Married, On 23/September/2018 at 07:59

Yesterday we got married The day before it rained and winds from Florence were ASTOUNDING. But my mom said “Rain the morning of your wedding is good luck”...around noon it cleared and the weather...

Melissa, tuesday 2-Oct-18 12 messages 99
Megann of Plan a wedding, On 15/September/2018 at 22:03

This is not a question, but a remark. Tonight I was at work and did my first wedding. 150 people, easy. We get a timeline to follow and all is good, except when they are running LATE! It starting with...

Megann, sunday 16-Sep-18 5 messages 120
rsvp dream!
Megann of Before the wedding, On 17/August/2018 at 10:04

I constantly read posts about the nightmares. Past rsvp dates etc...Well Ladies & Gentleman, the Gods must have been smiling down on me...Rsvp date is August 22nd...& guess what...EVERYONE HAS...

Erin, thursday 23-Aug-18 14 messages 116
Yay or Nay? - tablescape opinions
Megann of DIY, On 8/August/2018 at 18:45

Hey. I’m figuring out our tables and centerpieces. We have rectangle tables for 10 people. Imagine an ivory table cloth and “wood cookies” under the mason jars. Is it okay? Or should something be...

Bianca, monday 13-Aug-18 9 messages 94
What if i forget?
Megann of Plan a wedding, On 30/July/2018 at 16:19

After seeing the post about “receiving line” etc...I’m kind of freaking out. We’re less than two months away and I fear I’m forgetting pretty important things. I need YOUR help, the community, please?...

Megann, wednesday 8-Aug-18 23 messages 209
Bestman woes...
Megann of Plan a wedding, On 16/July/2018 at 17:11

Heyy Our bestman is my fiancé’s best friend. A few months ago, he started working out west. So he’ll be gone for three weeks and be back for a week or so. Scheduling tuxedo rentals have been a...

Megann, wednesday 18-Jul-18 10 messages 147
To cake or not to cake?
Megann of DIY, On 16/February/2018 at 12:50

I have a french pastry diploma, I love to bake and I’m getting married in September. Naturally, I want to make my own cake or cakes, as a buffet. It’s a small 55-people wedding & reception, family...

Kathleen, monday 26-Feb-18 9 messages 96