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Poll: Are you including anything uniquely Canadian in your wedding?
Joey of WeddingWire, On July 1, 2020 at 17:01

Happy Canada Day, everyone! From maple syrup favors to hockey-themed engagement shoots, from maple leaf decor touches to rocking stunning outfits by Canadian designers, we've seen some amazing...



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Probably not


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Let's congratulate the winners of the 38th edition of the WeddingWire contest!
Joey of Contest, On April 10, 2020 at 09:37

Here's something to smile about - we get to celebrate the most recent winners of our contest, Nicole & Sandy Here is how Nicole described the moment she learned they had won: "Omg! We are...

Sandra, tuesday 30-Jun-20 5 106 2
Changing your name - yes or no?
Joey of Just Married, On January 24, 2019 at 08:05

A huge decision you'll make as you start your married life is whether either of you will change your name. Will you combine your last names into a new name? Hyphenate? Will your partner take your last...

Christiana, sunday 28-Jun-20 64 1,063
I'm feeling so happy for the 40th winners of the WeddingWire Contest!
Joey of Contest, On June 10, 2020 at 16:12

Let's start clapping for Yharlien & Maciej who entered the 40th edition of our monthly WeddingWire Canada contest and won! It must have felt like Christmas in May when Maciej heard that they had...

Ashley, thursday 11-Jun-20 3 41
The Where of the Wedding - Where is your wedding ceremony?
Joey of Wedding ceremony, On July 15, 2019 at 08:05

Is your ceremony venue close to home? Is it close to your reception venue? Does it have a special meaning to you? Where will your wedding ceremony be? Photo from Denis and Marco's wedding in Toronto...

Darmae, wednesday 10-Jun-20 33 228
The Where of the Wedding - Where is your reception?
Joey of Wedding reception, On July 15, 2019 at 08:05

What is your reception venue like? Tell us about the style of your venue, and how you chose it. Photo via Whistler Blackcomb in Whistler >>Next question: Where will you spend your wedding night?...

Darmae, monday 8-Jun-20 34 248
Music Monday - share your musical moments and ask for song suggestions HERE!
Joey of Plan a wedding, On June 1, 2020 at 09:18

The music you choose for your wedding day can perfectly complement the emotional moments of your wedding. But, there's so many moments that need underscoring! The procession, the recession, entering...

Vinod, saturday 6-Jun-20 12 121
Global Love Day reminds us that #LoveIsNotCancelled
Joey of WeddingWire, On May 1, 2020 at 10:53

Global Love Day is celebrated annually on May 1st, and this year is absolutely no different. At WeddingWire we've been privileged to hear about your home proposals, your socially distanced weddings,...

Ashley, monday 1-Jun-20 5 58
Your wedding in numbers! How many months is your engagement?
Joey of WeddingWire, On September 4, 2017 at 08:04

Welcome to this week's game! It's a quick get to know you game. For each question, answer with your number. So... By the time of your wedding, how many months will you have been engaged? Photo by Wee...

Nicole, thursday 28-May-20 148 3,265
How to leave a reply and quote someone in the Community
Joey of Tech support, On March 6, 2018 at 09:13

So, you've logged into your account, you're browsing through the Community, and you find a discussion that looks awesome. How do you join in? ____________________ Desktop There are three different...

Simon, wednesday 27-May-20 93
What's the age difference between you and your partner?
Joey of WeddingWire, On January 30, 2020 at 08:22

Let's get to know each other a little better. How old are you? How old is your sweetie? Photo by Wes Perry Photography in Moncton NB

Darmae, monday 25-May-20 69 688
All about the venue - How far from your home is your venue?
Joey of Plan a wedding, On August 12, 2019 at 09:05

Are you getting married near or far from where you are living right now? How did you choose the location? Photo by Will Kwan Photography in Vancouver >>Next question: What style is your venue?...

Amanda, friday 22-May-20 24 100
Secret or Sharing? - Your outfit
Joey of Wedding fashion, On June 3, 2019 at 08:32

Are you keeping your wedding outfit a closely guarded secret? Have you shown it to your wedding party, or maybe just to one or two close confidants? Are you sharing pics of it with everyone except...

Amanda, friday 22-May-20 32 174
Something to celebrate! Let's clap for the winners of the 39th edition of the WeddingWire Contest!
Joey of Contest, On May 8, 2020 at 14:32

This month we're giving a cheer to Hil & John, the most recent winners of the WeddingWire Contest! Hil told us this about learning she had won - "When I first received the call that we won the...

Laura, friday 8-May-20 3 58 1
What colour flowers do you love?
Joey of Plan a wedding, On February 13, 2020 at 13:02

Tell us about your favorite type of bouquet. Do you love a pure white look, a romantic bouquet of pastels, or a splashy, flashy bright bouquet? A: from Samantha and Jordan's wedding in Mississauga,...


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Pet parenting - do you and your spouse have the same ideas about pets?
Joey of Living together, On June 18, 2018 at 08:40

Moving in together provides many more changes and challenges than just figuring out who does the chores. Are you and your partner on the same page about pets? Do you like the same kind? Have you...

Emma, friday 1-May-20 9 63