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27 · September · 2020


What to put in my hair
Geneviève of Wedding fashion, On 24/February/2019 at 20:35

Hi everyone! I wanted to post a pic of my Mori Lee gown since I’m so excited about it. I’ve been looking at my dress and have been stumped with what to accessorize with! Especially as a hairpiece...

Rachel, friday 1-Mar-19 19 messages 233
Floral delivery costs
Geneviève of Plan a wedding, On 2/February/2019 at 15:51

Hi all, I had a question about prices for delivery that I wanted to run by all of you. To preface, we are having a very small affair (25 guests) and a 2 MOHs for us 2 brides and the location is local....

Vinod, friday 8-Feb-19 17 messages 169
How to create your own professional-sounding music playlist
Geneviève of Wedding reception, On 1/October/2018 at 20:47

To anyone who is planning on skipping the DJ but wants an upgrade from a Spotify playlist, keep reading because I'll be explaining how to build a playlist using some tips and tricks I've picked up...

Geneviève, monday 10-Dec-18 2 messages 43
Sunset Timing
Geneviève of Wedding ceremony, On 25/September/2018 at 13:21

Our wedding is almost 2 years away. The 27th is the exact date and now that we're close, we've been looking at the time the sun sets. Our outdoor ceremony is slated for 7PM with a photo period around...

Allison, tuesday 25-Sep-18 5 messages 65
“shower” ideas
Geneviève of Ontario, On 17/August/2018 at 00:35

Hi everyone! We have been discussing the idea of a get-together of some kind before the wedding (I’m hesitant to call it a shower because we don’t like the traditional feminine shower). Here’s my...

Geneviève, friday 17-Aug-18 16
Autumn honeymoon destinations
Geneviève of Honeymoon, On 4/August/2018 at 00:00

Since fall is one of the best times of year to travel to some places, but not to others, what destinations are great to go to during the Autumn months? What did you like to do? What were some great...

Erin, tuesday 7-Aug-18 7 messages 56
What to look for in Photography
Geneviève of Plan a wedding, On 3/August/2018 at 00:11

Hi everyone! Does anyone have any tips or tricks on what to look for in regards to photography styles and what is best? What are the pros and cons to some types over others? What styles should one...

Kaisha, sunday 5-Aug-18 7 messages 88
Hashtag sos
Geneviève of Plan a wedding, On 12/June/2018 at 23:06

For the past little while now, Courtney and I have been debating what our hashtag will be on our wedding day. As an inside joke that came up when our coworkers tried to give us a ship name, I always...

Geneviève, monday 25-Jun-18 7 messages 50
Guest List: Making the Cut
Geneviève of Plan a wedding, On 27/May/2018 at 21:57

So my finacée and I are having a very small wedding in a small venue but we have lots of people we like. Expanding the guest list is not an option at all because the package we have only accommodates...

Geneviève, monday 4-Jun-18 11 messages 172
Couples getting married on 27/september/2020 in Ontario
Geneviève of Ontario, On 1/May/2018 at 18:27

looks like a lot of people had the same great idea!

Geneviève, sunday 27-May-18 2 messages 18
Lgbtq+ friendly Honeymoon Destinations
Geneviève of Honeymoon, On 11/April/2018 at 21:55

So, the one issue about being a same-sex couple is that there are a lot of places in the world we can't travel to. My fiancée and I want a nice, relaxing or even adventurous trip where we won't have...

Valérie, friday 13-Apr-18 4 messages 95
Wedding Faqs
Geneviève of Before the wedding, On 11/April/2018 at 20:21

On my wedding website, I have a page for contact us and FAQs. Does anyone have any points they think should be put in the FAQs to prep your guests before the invitations go out?

Brittany, friday 13-Apr-18 6 messages 111
Card Box ideas?
Geneviève of DIY, On 7/April/2018 at 20:17

Hey y'all! I've been looking at ideas for making our own card box. We have lots of time and we've been tossing around plain/classy versus the birch theme we have. Has anyone seen any or tried any cool...

Erin, friday 13-Apr-18 15 messages 186
Sept. 2020 unite!
Geneviève of WeddingWire, On 7/April/2018 at 20:57

Hey y'all! My fiancée and I are getting married September 27th 2020 for a typical quiet Sunday night ceremony with a classy nod to nature. We're both finishing our programs next year and aren't going...

Bianca, monday 9-Apr-18 4 messages 112
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