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Wrong size wedding band for Husband

Donna, on 11/September/2019 at 14:55 Posted in Just Married

Could you image how I feel The Jewelry Store that I bought my Husband's Wedding band made a mistake with the sizing of his ring. When we got married I would never have thought they would have sold me the wrong size, when yet I paid for 10 1/2 and I ended up with a 9 1/2. I feel really bad, so I just will try to bought another one because no one seems to want to take the blame. I called Griffins in Barrie they said the Ring that I bought is no longer in stock. Holy Cow. We got married July 6th, 2019 never did I except this.



  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·

    All that you has been done and said, what action is the company taking to correct the situation knowing they are at fault.

    We had to go through the same though we did try the size when ordering and felt too loose when receiving them. Peoples has great service when I went to get the clamp on the ring to adjust for the finger to be fitted for the wedding day. The guy was going to charge me which got me heading out the door. He then says it would be no charge since its a minor setting to do and for free on them.

    After the wedding, we had to go back to get the rings resized a bit smaller and had to pay for it. So I do feel bad for what has happened to you and hope they fix the situation soon than never. It would be nice that they said lets get you another ring of your choice since this is out of stock and take care of you.

  • Donna
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    Donna ·
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    The Company I went to is no longer @ the Orangeville Mall. GRIFFINS I speak a woman @ the Cookstown Mall have too see what happens. Yes of course it's their fault. Everyone that answered me is right .
    Thank you for your time
  • Bianca
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    Bianca ·

    Can they resize it? The jewellery store really should take the blame since they were the ones that messed up on your order. SO sorry that you're going through this. We went through a similar situation with my engagement ring and it was frusterating as hell.

  • Tori
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    Tori ·

    I would throw a fit. Straight up, what's the worst they can do at this point? Nothing to lose!

  • Katelyn
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    Katelyn ·
    You can have it resized. If it said 10 1/2 on your paperwork they should be resizing it for free.

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