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Who's paying what?

Cherry, on 23/November/2018 at 19:04 Posted in Plan a wedding

Hello fellow brides, I seek advises on the cost of wedding please. I want to know who is actually paying for what.

Here's my scenarios right now.

Engagement ring. Fiance was paying.

Wedding ring. Who's paying? Since he won't be wearing his wedding ring on daily basis due to the nature of his work, he said he just need something below $200. I, on the other hand, is looking at something closer to $1000 to match my engagement ring.

Wedding dress and make up. I am and will be paying.

Bride maids dresses. They will be paying but I will be paying for their make up.

Groom's tuxedo and Best Men. Fiance will be paying cause the Best Men will be his sons.

Photographer and Videograher. Split?

Wedding invitation and favours. Split?

Ceremony and Reception dinner. Since 80% of the guests will be from his side of family, do we split 50/50?

Honeymoon. We will split.

How do you manage your wedding expenses?

Thank you in advance.



  • Donna
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    Donna ·

    Well so far I have paid for cake, flowers, my wedding dress, both Party gifts for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen, I be paying 75.00 towards 2 bridesmaid dresses and being for one. I just paid for my ring bearers dresses, shoes their twin girls. I will be paying for his Wedding band, my hair, makeup, fiance' is paying for the hall, meal plan for our guests and bar . He is also paying for the Limo. But I will help out. Honeymoon is not till a later date

  • Meghan
    Devoted April 2019 Ontario
    Meghan ·

    We were super lucky and my parents are paying for about a third of everything.

    My Mom bought my dress.

    Fiancé and I split most everything else from our joint account.

    He bought my engagement ring.

    I paid for bridesmaids gifts/he paid for groomsmen gifts

    My bridesmaids paid for their dresses (less $50 each which I contributed towards) and they will also pay for their hair and make up (though I will cover the tip)

  • A
    Curious June 2019 British Columbia
    Amber ·

    Everything was shared expenses for us, or splitting it wherever we can. My spouse and I have a joint savings account we dump extra money into plus a set savings plan (about $150 biweekly for me and $175 biweekly from him, based on our incomes to be fair) that we are using to cover the majority of expenses from our wedding. Here is the breakdown so far for us:

    Engagement ring and Wedding Rings - Fiance bought mine (he bought the wedding ring at the same time as the engagement, so that it would match), and I will be buying his

    Wedding dress and make up - I was SUPER lucky and my MiL/FiL paid for my wedding dress! I'll pay for the alterations and make up myself. Alterations and make up may come from the joint account

    Bride maids dresses- My MoH says she will pay for her own for sure, with one of my bridesmaids though I may help out or pay for it myself.

    Groom's tuxedo and Best Men -Fiance wants to buy a suit, that is coming from the joint account. His best men will be buying or renting their own.

    Photographer and Videograher - From the joint account

    Wedding invitation and favours -Technically we split it, since we each bought half the invitations. Favours probably from the joint.

    Ceremony and Reception dinner - Also 80% of his family is the guests, but we are doing it from the joint

    Honeymoon- have not planned that yet, but split/ from the joint.

  • Candace
    Featured May 2019 Ontario
    Candace Online ·

    Anything that is specifically for him he is paying for (like his tux, groomsmen gifts, boutonniere, etc) and the same for whatever is for me (dress, bouquets, hair/makeup, etc).

    For the photographer I wanted to get the largest package offered so we are splitting the base cost and I am paying the difference for the upgrade.

    Everything else we are splitting half and half.

  • Amanda
    Curious September 2020 Ontario
    Amanda ·

    We are splitting it. It only makes sense since we are doing this for each other.

  • T
    Curious April 2019 Ontario
    Trish ·

    Everything split between us except my second dress...I'm assuming the cost for this since I want it.

  • Cherry
    Devoted August 2019 Quebec
    Cherry ·
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    Thank you for the sharing. After I posted the questions and received few advises from fellow brides, I had discussion with Fiance. We now both agreed that all will be split 50/50 except for my dress and the bridesmaids dresses and makeup which I will pay and he will pay for his Bestmen tuxedo.

  • Cherry
    Devoted August 2019 Quebec
    Cherry ·
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    Thank you for the information, Emily. My Fiance is in construction. It's not safe to wear any accessories at all cause it might catch on something. But he said he will wear it when he's not working.

  • Elizabeth
    Frequent user September 2020 Ontario
    Elizabeth ·

    It'll vary from one couple to the next. I think it depends on what you and your fiance's personal finances are. However I generally think that, if you have similar income, everything should be split 50/50. That doesn't necessarily include the rings. If you don't already share financial responsibilities you will be after the knot is tied. HOWEVER, that being said, if you two have different expectations for the wedding the balance may reflect that.

    The guest list for example. If all of your guests have a similar relationship to the two of you (like friends or family) I would suggest splitting that 50/50 even if most of the guests are from one side. But if you're only inviting your family and your fiance is inviting family AND friends AND work associates then you may want to talk to your fiance about paying for their friends and work associates.

    This can be applied to any vendor too. Like if you want a DJ that does lights and special effects but your fiance really only wants music, you may want to foot the additional cost.

    With the exception of the rings my fiance and I are splitting everything 50/50. However all the payments are going through me. I have more in my savings and better credit so I am in a better position to put together down payments. We're both putting money away monthly and the wedding is over a year and a half away so we shouldn't have to rely on my credit.

  • Emily
    Devoted February 2020 Ontario
    Emily ·

    I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but we just bought my FH a silicon ring, because he can't wear a metal ring due to his line of work. Enso has great rings for 39.99 American - maybe something to consider?

  • Katrin
    Frequent user September 2019 Ontario
    Katrin ·

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me. I think it also depends on how much you both make... My fiancé makes about double I do, so she paid for 2/3 and I paid for a third. Her wedding ring costs about $60, mine was $1200 and she paid for most of my ring and I paid for hers. We are trying to split the costs where we are able, but I think you should take into consideration your earnings (in comparison to each other)...

  • Kaisha
    Super March 2019 Nova Scotia
    Kaisha ·

    Engagement ring. He paid

    Wedding ring. He is paying for both, he also can not wear his ring every day due to work. At the moment he only has a silicone ring.

    Wedding dress and make up. My mom bought my wedding dress and my bridesmaid will do my makeup.

    Bride maids dresses. They bought the dresses and will do makeup for themselves. I plan on paying for hair.

    Groom's tuxedo and Best Men. We do not have a best man and my FH will buy a nice suit, not a tux.

    Photographer and Videograher. He paid for the photographer, we will not have a videographer.

    Wedding invitation and favours. I paid for invitations and my mom is making our favours.

    Ceremony and Reception dinner. I paid for ceremony he is covering reception.

    Honeymoon. He paid for majority of this but my flight was paid for so that was a bonus.

    How do you manage your wedding expenses? We sat down and set a budget. He is covering 70% and I am covering 30%. He makes a lot more money then I do so this worked for us.

  • Cherry
    Devoted August 2019 Quebec
    Cherry ·

    Seems like most couples are doing 50/50. Thank you all for sharing.

  • Phaidra
    Frequent user October 2019 Alberta
    Phaidra ·

    We're paying for this wedding 50/50. We have a year and a half engagement before our day, so we've each been pitching towards our wedding account, everything we pay for the wedding is coming out of there. We're also fortunate that we have some extra cash flow from each side of our family. I think the only thing that isn't split is my engagement ring, which he purchased for me.
    I think the 50/50 split makes it much more manageable, and (may) be your first big expense together so it kind of makes sense to share it.

  • Amanda
    Expert June 2019 Ontario
    Amanda ·


    We are splitting everything. We're putting all costs on our line of credit and each making equal payments towards everything.

    Obviously same as you, my engagement was paid for by my fiance.

    We intend on buying each other's rings - however I see your issue as ours both cost the same. I think you two just need to sit down and decide what you're both comfortable with.

    I also will be paying for my bridesmaid's make up but not dresses.

    Aside from that, everything else will be split. Basically aside from the engagement ring we will be as close to equal as possible.

  • W
    Newbie September 2019 British Columbia
    Wyatt ·
    I am not a bride, I am the groom, but we have an odd solution. I am paying for the wedding, ceremony, reception, invitations, her wedding ring and my wear. She is making her dress and her bridesmaids dress. She is paying for the honeymoon. We are making the costs to eachother equal as possible in the end, with the exception of the band I am getting her which we aren't including in the split. In these days I feel an equal split is only right.

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