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Who is going dress shopping with you?

Joey, on 13/April/2019 at 14:05 Posted in Wedding fashion

Who are you included in your 'say yes to the dress' crew? How many people will you bring with you when you try on wedding outfits? Who do you trust the most to give you the most honest opinions? Who are you bringing along to be the cheerleader? Who is the voice of practicality?

Who is going dress shopping with you? 1

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  • Jo-ann
    Beginner July 2020 Nova Scotia
    Jo-ann ·
    My 2 teenage daughters are coming with me and they are also my bridesmaids. My mom passed away a few years ago
  • Donna Yeung
    Devoted August 2018 British Columbia
    Donna Yeung ·

    I went with my mom the first time, then I went with one of my bridesmaid who was available as my MOH is a nurse and works the odd hours. I would suggest not making it into a huge entourage as too many opinions will just make it really hard to find your dress.

  • Alix
    Devoted June 2020 Saskatchewan
    Alix ·

    I went looking for dresses twice. Once with my mom and maid of honour and the second time with two of my other bridesmaids.

  • Shla
    Devoted October 2021 Ontario
    Shla ·
    It was just my mom and I.
  • Bianca
    Featured August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
    I went shopping with just my mom and sister. I wanted to keep it very simple (and even this was too many people!).
  • Tori
    Featured October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·

    I went shopping with: my Mom, Dad, Sister/MOH, Baba, and FMIL. They had a 5 person limit, otherwise I would have loved to invite a couple BM's. Only person's opinion that I really cared about was/is my Dad's though so the other people were only there for support

  • Becky
    Featured September 2019 Ontario
    Becky ·

    I went with so many different people as took me long time to find something I liked. Still unsure of the dress I chose, I in the end went the last time with his family.

  • Erin
    Featured May 2020 Ontario
    Erin ·
    I think I'll be going with my mom and my sister who is also my MOH.
  • Alexandra
    VIP November 2019 British Columbia
    Alexandra ·
    I went with just my mum and my oldest sister! Kept it small
  • Candace
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Candace ·

    I brought my wedding party with me. I wanted to bring my mom but not my FMIL so I ended up not bringing either.

  • Lydia
    Devoted June 2019 British Columbia
    Lydia ·
    I went dress shopping when I was visiting friends and family back in the Netherlands for about a week and a half so I had quite a group as I wanted to have people from back home close. I was first supposed to go with just my dad but ended up going with both my parents, my FH mom and two of my close friends
  • Katelyn
    Beginner May 2020 British Columbia
    Katelyn ·

    I went with my future MIL and MOH to one store, and another store I went with my mom. I found my dress with my mom, and bought it (on sale!) the following weekend with one of my bridesmaids, after waiting in line for almost 2 hours!

  • Kelsie
    Featured July 2020 Ontario
    Kelsie ·
    I went with my mom and my sister (MOH). My mom was the most opinionated, but oddly enough we generally agreed on everything. I think my sister wanted me to get whatever made me happy so I always had to ask for her opinion.

    So I have a dream dress that everyone likes!
  • Chelsea
    Featured June 2020 Alberta
    Chelsea ·
    I’ll be doing my dress shopping in June and i cannot wait! I’ll have my mom, my MOH and 3 bridesmaids! my grandma may join for one appointment as well!
  • Kassandra
    Frequent user May 2020 Alberta
    Kassandra ·
    I have my dress already but I will be taking my mom and bridal party dress shopping this summer 😊
  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
    I went a bunch of times! A few times I went by myself which I thought was most important because I really focused on what I wanted! And then when I went again with friends and fam I knew what I was looking for so it was so much easier to narrow it down!

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